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## Traffic Violation in Texas: Crossing Double White Lines

I recently got pulled over in Texas for crossing double white lines early on a highway off ramp and for not reading the sign that explicitly stated not to cross double white lines. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the officer seemed to be on a ticketing spree, pulling people over every 5 minutes. In fact, he was so quick to move on to the next driver that he started pulling them over while still dealing with me. To make matters worse, I later found out that 29 others had received similar citations.

The fines for these violations add up to over $500, leaving me with the dilemma of whether to hire a lawyer to help me navigate this legal predicament. I’ve heard about a website called, but I’m not sure if it’s a legitimate source of legal assistance. To further complicate matters, I received mail from a local attorney who offered to represent me, claiming to already have information about my citations and court date.

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  • ArtNJ

    A couple of things. Firstly, I believe essentially everyone knows your not supposed to cross double white lines. Drivers do it anyway because there are very few spots where its safe for a cop to give a ticket for it, and they don’t usually fuss with it. Abandon any idea your in the right here, your not. Secondly, it doesn’t usually matter whether your in the right or the wrong. What you do is you contest the ticket, you show up the day of the hearing, and the prosecutor offers you a deal where you plead guilty to an offense with fewer or zero points for insurance purposes, but a higher fine. The town gets more $$, the prosecutor, cops, and judge get to go home earlier, and you save money in the long run by avoiding or minimizing insurance consequences. They literally don’t care what your defense is, and having a lawyer does nothing except get you home from the hearing earlier (lawyers make deals on their cases first). Its a scam, a racket and a game, and it is considered normal everywhere I’m aware of. Of course the country is vast, and places do things differently sometimes so YMMV.

    If you had a real defense and especially if it was a criminal and not traffic offense than a lawyer would make sense. But neither of those things is true unless there is some technical defect with the ticket itself (which does happen sometimes).

  • random_pseudonym314

    If you didn’t break the law, then get a lawyer and defend yourself. It’s up to the state to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you did.

    If, however, you did cross the double white lines, then grow up, pay the fine, and drive better in the future.