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## Shares in Tupperware Surge as Optimism Grows

By Annabelle Liang, Business reporter

Published: 4 hours ago

![Tupperware products are offered for sale at a retail store in Chicago.]( Image source, Getty Images

Shares in Tupperware, the troubled food storage container maker, have surged more than threefold in the last week. The firm’s shares rose by 56% on Thursday, pushing gains for the last five trading sessions to almost 350%. This significant increase comes after Tupperware warned in April that it could go bankrupt unless it quickly raised new financing.

In recent years, Tupperware has been struggling to attract younger shoppers and has been trying to reposition itself in the market. Despite these efforts, its sales continued to decline. However, there is now some optimism that a turnaround may be in progress and an investor has been found to help the company.

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Neil Saunders, managing director of retail at the GlobalData consultancy, expressed caution regarding the current optimism, stating that there is no concrete evidence of a turnaround. Despite the recent jump in share price, Tupperware’s stock is still down by almost 30% since the start of the year.

Tupperware did not immediately respond to a BBC request for comment. Some analysts have compared the movements in Tupperware’s share price to other struggling businesses, such as cinema chain AMC, commonly referred to as a “meme stock”. Trading in meme stocks is often highly speculative and volatile due to their popularity among retail investors who exchange tips on social media.

Additionally, Tupperware shares have been heavily shorted, meaning that some investors have bet on the shares declining in value. Major hedge funds have wagered billions of dollars on stocks like AMC to fall. However, if the share price rises, these investors can face significant losses.

Earlier this week, AMC shares experienced a jump after a court blocked the company’s plans to settle some of its debts. This news prompted retail traders to look for other meme stocks, with Tupperware fitting the bill due to its recognizable brand name.

Tupperware rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s with its popular Tupperware parties, becoming a household name during the consumer boom. However, in recent years, sales have declined as cheaper or trendier containers have become available in stores and online.

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