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### Grandma’s Living Situation
My grandma currently resides in a government-owned elderly facility, where my family and I take turns caring for her. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing hostility from the front desk security guard ever since my grandma received a serious medical diagnosis.

### Recent Incident with Security Guard
During a recent visit, the security guard was particularly rude to us. When I tried to address her behavior by expressing that there was no need for her continuous rudeness, she responded with derogatory and offensive language, specifically targeting my grandma and myself.

### How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help
Given the severity of the situation and the discriminatory language used by the security guard, it is important to approach this matter with the appropriate legal terminology and documentation. AI Legalese Decoder can help in drafting a formal complaint or incident report using legally sound language to ensure that the issue is taken seriously and addressed effectively. This tool can assist in escalating the complaint to the authorities while also protecting my grandma from any potential backlash or further mistreatment.

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  • DangerousKnights

    You hopefully won’t get any retaliation, but you never know. Since it’s a state-run facility, you and your grandma may have a claim with the NYS Division of Human rights.

  • Equal_Hedgehog_3133

    Contact the New York long term care Ombudsman and ask for assistance in navigating the situation. State that you feel this individual’s inability to control themselves presents a danger to the seniors they serve, you’re worried your grandmother will be retaliated against, and you need assistance navigating the complaint process.

  • drunk_origami

    Look up and see if it’s accredited by The Joint Commission-you could also submit a complaint there.

  • Gobsnoot

    NY is a 1-party consent state I believe. You could put your phone on record before each time you enter or leave the facility.