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## Concerns about Moving to a New State with a Convicted Family Member

I am a family member seeking information regarding the implications of moving to a new state on a household member with a criminal record. Specifically, we are considering relocating from Washington State to Tennessee within the next two years.

### Background Information

The individual in question committed a crime in Texas 22 years ago, resulting in a level 1 conviction. He served a 2-year sentence and did not receive probation. Upon moving to Washington, he was required to register as a sex offender, a requirement he has adhered to for the past 15 years. Notably, he has maintained a clean record since the crime, without any infractions.

### Legal Concerns

The individual desires to be removed from the sex offender registry, but has been deterred by the high cost quoted by a lawyer – $10,000. This raises questions such as:
1. Is legal representation necessary for removal from the registry?
2. Will removal from the registry in Washington impact his registration status in Tennessee upon relocation?

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  • realoldmanwill

    Stay out west. The laws in the south and Midwest are terrible. Not just registration but where you can live, where you can visit and so much more. WA and OR are the best states for freedom.

  • ncrso

    He would 99% likely have to register in TN and his time would start over. You should probably talk with a lawyer in TN or any state you think you might move too.

  • 30belowandthriving

    I would easily pay 10g to get off the registry.

  • Formyprivacy001

    We want to move to another state before he is sentenced but we cannot get an answer from our attorney. I’d rather move to another state where we don’t know anyone, our city is so small everyone will know. I’m more fearful at the backlash I will receive.

  • LifeGoesOnnnn

    10k for a lawyer to help him get off is reasonable.

  • em36912

    $10,000 to be removed from the registry is worth it.

    So once off the registry you will not be required to notify any one of your intent to move. So the receiving state will not receive notification unless you provide it. I would talk to an attorney in the receiving state to get a general idea of the requirements before just moving.

    Also once you move, even if you have a legal opinion that states you’re not required to register. I would keep that attorney and another attorney retained for any criminal matters that may arise.

    I personally don’t expect to commit a crime in the future, but I have a close relationship with my criminal defense attorney, and a local bondsman. I take my attorney to lunch twice a year and I let him bill me. In return I truly have access to an attorney 24/7, and the bondsman will work with me if I have some ridiculous bond set. Had I been prepared like this before my first arrest I doubt I would be on the registry.

    I do hope your family gets relief. You deserve it. Hold fast and be safe.

  • MemphisChuc

    I live in TN and everything you hear bad about this state, believe it.

    I would wager he would need to register. Then the whole community where you’re moving to would be notified. Great welcome right? 1000 foot residential and work and recreation limit restrictions. Questions about living with the minor children too – that I don’t deal with thankfully!

    I have recommendations for lawyers if you’re interested. They’re not cheap but they are experienced with registry law.