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## Boston Dynamics Unveils New Fully-Electric Humanoid Robot ‘Atlas’

Boston Dynamics, known for its innovative engineering and robotics designs, has introduced a new humanoid robot named ‘Atlas’. This all-electric robot was showcased in a captivating 30-second video on X, capturing the attention of technology enthusiasts worldwide. The video showcases Atlas waking up from a horizontal position, showcasing its agility and motion capabilities as it interacts with a cameraman before exiting the frame.

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## Hyundai’s Investment to Boost Development of Atlas

Atlas joins the ranks of Boston Dynamics’ other remarkable creations, Spot and Stretch, as a cutting-edge electric robot designed to tackle challenging tasks. Hyundai’s planned investment in Boston Dynamics will further support the testing and advancement of Atlas, with a focus on enhancing its capabilities to lift heavier loads and improve gripping technologies. The goal is to create an enhanced version of the HD Atlas, showcasing significant advancements in robotic engineering and functionality.

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## Retiring the Hydraulic Humanoid ‘HD Atlas’

The retirement of the hydraulic humanoid robot HD Atlas was recently announced by Boston Dynamics through a humorous video on YouTube. Known for its viral dance moves in 2020, HD Atlas has made a significant impact in showcasing the capabilities of humanoid robots in entertainment and beyond.

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## Understanding the Role of Humanoid Robots in Our World

Boston Dynamics aims to create humanoid robots like Atlas that closely mimic human features to enable seamless navigation and operation in real-world scenarios. While structurally similar to humans, the primary objective of Atlas is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in completing various tasks, especially those that are hazardous, dirty, or repetitive.

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