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## The Rise and Fall of the “Cryptoqueen” Ruja Ignatova

The reign of the “cryptoqueen” was short-lived but incredibly profitable. In 2014, Ruja Ignatova launched OneCoin, a cryptocurrency designed to rival Bitcoin. The marketing efforts were intense, drawing in eager investors from around the globe. Unfortunately, within just two years, the entire scheme unraveled, exposing OneCoin as a massive pyramid scheme that defrauded investors of over $4 billion.

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The US authorities were quick to respond, charging Ignatova with fraud and money laundering. Despite a federal arrest warrant, Ignatova managed to vanish, leaving authorities scrambling to track her down. The FBI even listed her among the 10 Most Wanted criminals, but she remained elusive, with rumors circulating about her possible demise.

### Uncovering the Money Trail to Dubai

Seven years later, a data leak known as “Dubai Unlocked” shed light on the flow of funds from OneCoin to Dubai. The leak exposed how Ignatova and her inner circle funneled their ill-gotten gains into luxury real estate in Dubai’s upscale neighborhoods. This scandal highlighted the lax regulatory environment in Dubai that allowed dirty money to flow unchecked.

### Laundering Currency through Real Estate

In April 2015, Ignatova, under the guise of Oceana Properties Limited, purchased a lavish apartment in Dubai worth millions. Other key players in the OneCoin saga also invested heavily in Dubai real estate, showcasing how dirty money was laundered through luxury properties in the emirate. These revelations painted a damning picture of how fraudulent schemes like OneCoin exploit lax regulations in global real estate markets.

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