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## Difficulty Changing Bank Information with Social Security

Recently, I obtained a new bank account and needed to update my information with Social Security. However, when I called to make the change, I was informed that I needed a “password” in order to proceed. This came as a surprise to me, as I believed that providing my new routing and bank account numbers would be sufficient.

## How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help

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### Introduction
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### Challenges of Legal Language
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### Conclusion
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  • jbeve10

    You requested a password on your account a long time ago. You forgot about it

  • yurxzi

    Since A) fraud was committed on your account(s), and B) you specifically requested no changes be made without your specific password.

    In either case the only way to remove or is to go on person with id and request it.

    C) Unless of course your some scam artist or D) acting sketchy on the phone, sounding like you’re trying to access someone else’s record, and got met with the “your suspicious we need a password” line to force you into the office.

    Only Other alternative explanation is E) you gave the wrong social or they typed it in wrong and pulled someone else’s file instead of your own, who has a password on their record for reasons explain at the beginning.

    Edit: you can’t update bank data with acct and routing number for new bank only. You MUST have the old numbers and new number as well as verify the entire numident data(ssn, name, dob, place of birth, mothers maiden name, father name) and then the old account and routing, and if everything matches your new account and routing but again, sounds like you need to go in person with id and check on that password.

  • No-Stress-5285

    If you read the fraud stories about strangers calling SSA to change your direct deposit, you would understand and be grateful.