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## The Dilemma of Unpaid Child Support

### Background

The situation at hand involves a father who owes a substantial amount of $150,000 in child support. This father has been able to evade the authorities by utilizing different last names at work. Whenever the child support agency manages to track him down, he promptly quits his job or opts to work off the books. Furthermore, he has demonstrated a complete lack of involvement in his children’s lives, neglecting his parental responsibilities.

### Lengthened Content

This ongoing predicament has placed a significant burden on the custodial parent, both emotionally and financially. Despite the father’s blatant disregard for his obligations, the custodial parent has been left wondering about the efficacy of the current system in holding him accountable. The lack of consequences for his actions has only emboldened him to continue shirking his responsibilities.

In such a scenario, one might expect that enforcement measures such as license suspension or even incarceration would be automatic through the child support agency. However, the reality is far more complex and often requires navigating through legal intricacies and bureaucratic red tape. This leaves the custodial parent feeling frustrated and powerless in the face of the father’s continued evasion tactics.

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The AI Legalese Decoder can streamline the process of understanding the legal options at hand, such as pursuing license suspension or initiating legal proceedings leading to potential jail time for non-payment. By breaking down the legal barriers and providing clear guidance, this tool empowers custodial parents to take proactive steps towards holding delinquent parents accountable for their obligations.

In conclusion, the AI Legalese Decoder serves as a valuable resource in navigating the complexities of child support enforcement, offering clarity and guidance in pursuing legal remedies to ensure that parental responsibilities are met. By leveraging this innovative tool, custodial parents can take decisive action in seeking justice and accountability in cases of unpaid child support.

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  • EndlessCrisis

    You need to call the agency and ask to enforce the order.

  • Confident-Nature1835

    How is he using different last names, without using a different SS number? My name has changed since my original order was filed, and trust me, it didn’t stop anything, because it follows my social security number.

    If he’s really doing that, that would be some type of identity theft. You can also attempt to report the businesses to the labor board for illegal hire, or something to that effect, because most jobs require identity to be confirmed.

  • No_Neat_3124

    You may have to do a request for modification to go back to court. Have you tried talking to the Self Help? They can direct you to the forms to go back to court. Evading paying CS is not cool

  • jaywalkle2024

    These are tough situations. And they are right he can change one letter and they will hire him. He could also be working under the table for cash. I would ask them if they can go to court and get a judgment for you. At least if you have judgment you have civil remedies. Of course he probably doesn’t have proprty in his name so it would be hard to execute on the judgment, but you could try. Honestly, this is hard.

  • Only_Fix8694

    You need a hearing to speak with the judge and address the arrears. Let the judge decide what to do and whether they issue a warrant.

  • Natural-Dark-9569

    I have faced a similar scenario and I understand it can be difficult. I don’t know if you’re still around, feel free to message me.

  • gedreams4

    He probably doesn’t want to see the kids cause of you and all yoir drama. You want to suspend his license? How is that help the children?

  • Humble-Contract-1624

    I’m in California too . Did they tell you why they can’t suspend his license ? I want my ex’s license suspended too .