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Tragic Incident Claims the Life of Daimler Truck’s Chief Financial Officer

In a devastating turn of events, Jochen Goetz, the chief financial officer of Daimler Truck, has passed away. The company announced this heartbreaking news on Sunday, leaving many shocked and saddened by the loss.

Jochen Goetz, aged 52, tragically lost his life on Saturday, as confirmed by a statement from the company. However, the statement did not provide any details regarding the circumstances surrounding his death, leaving the cause unknown.

A dedicated employee, Goetz had devoted over three decades of his life to the esteemed Daimler Group. This Germany-based automotive giant is renowned for its production of luxury cars under the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Furthermore, Daimler Truck highlighted Goetz’s crucial role in the successful spin-off of the company’s truck division in 2021. This momentous change resulted in the division becoming an independent entity known as Mercedes-Benz Group AG. As the world’s largest truck manufacturer, this accomplishment showcased Goetz’s impressive leadership skills and strategic vision.

Expressing his condolences, Martin Daum, the chairman of the company’s board of management, acknowledged the profound impact of Goetz’s passing on both a personal and professional level. Their statement emphasized the immense void left in Daimler Truck following this unfortunate event.

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