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AI legalese decoder: Resolving Conflict of Interest Concerns in the Presidential Election

Singapore: No Conflict of Interest Found Between Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s Candidacy and His Son’s Role at MOF

In response to media inquiries, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) Secretariat announced on Wednesday (Aug 30) that there is no conflict of interest between Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s bid for the Presidential Election and his son’s current position at MOF.

Concerns were raised on social media after screenshots from the Singapore Government Directory circulated, revealing that Mr Akilan Shanmugaratnam, an officer at the Finance Ministry, is the son of Mr Tharman. The screenshots also disclosed information about Mr Akilan’s previous role in the MOF Reserves and Investment Directorate.

However, both MOF and the PSC Secretariat clarified that Mr Akilan has been a part of the Finance Ministry since June 2022 and is currently engaged in education and manpower policies within the Social Programmes directorate. Emphasizing the absence of any conflict of interest, the organizations stated that Mr Akilan’s previous posting in the MOF Reserves and Investment Directorate also did not give rise to any conflicts.

In anticipation of the Presidential Election, a decision was made in July to rotate Mr Akilan to preempt any potential conflict of interest scenarios. The statement further noted that Mr Akilan’s treatment aligns with prevailing policies applicable to all Overseas Merit Scholars. Notably, he had a period of disruption from his National Service in 2011, resumed his duties in 2015, and fulfilled his obligations alongside other PSC scholarship peers who underwent similar disruptions.

Understanding the significance of the Presidential role in safeguarding the national reserves, these clarifications aim to dismiss any doubts surrounding Mr Tharman’s candidacy in the upcoming election. Critics have raised concerns about the potential influence of familial ties on critical financial decisions. However, with the assurance that no conflict of interest exists, the MOF and PSC hope to alleviate any apprehensions among the electorate.

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