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Vlatko Andonovski defends USWNT’s mentality after criticism from Carli Lloyd

Vlatko Andonovski, the coach of the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT), has strongly defended the mentality of his players after they were criticized by former player Carli Lloyd for their reaction following a 0-0 draw with Portugal. Andonovski labeled the criticism “insane” and expressed his belief in the team’s desire to win.

The draw against Portugal meant that the USWNT failed to win their group for only the second time in Women’s World Cup history. However, they managed to avoid elimination after Portugal’s Ana Capeta hit the post in second-half stoppage time.

After the game, footage showed some USWNT players, including Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, and Crystal Dunn, dancing and celebrating at full-time. Lloyd, who was working as a pundit for Fox Sports, expressed her surprise at their behavior, stating that she had never witnessed something like that before. She questioned the players’ seriousness, suggesting that they should be more focused and not celebrating a draw.

In response to Lloyd’s comments, Andonovski acknowledged that his team’s performance was not up to their usual standards but defended their attitude and commitment to winning. He emphasized that the team had prepared extensively for the tournament and every game, and their desire to win should not be questioned.

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Andonovski made it clear that while the team acknowledged their subpar performance and were not satisfied with the result, they were focused on moving forward and improving in the next round. The USWNT will face the winner of Group G in the last 16 on August 6, and Andonovski remains confident in his team’s ability to compete and succeed.

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