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# Incident at Berlin Hotel in Germany

Hello, recently one night ago someone entered into my hotel room in Berlin Germany and took two small purses and my iPad which was actually in the bed with me at the time. Could have been a lot worse as I am a female traveling alone I have no idea what could’ve happened to me because the room wasn’t secure. I assume it was hotel staff and filed a police report. I am seeing a lot online about how it is the burden of the hotel to provide a safe environment for guest and how they may be responsible for the items stolen from me and I am wondering if this is the same in Germany, is there any way I should ask for compensation?

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  • trisul-108

    For a start, find and read the terms and conditions of the hotel, “AGB” in German which will also have info on their liability. It is likely that they take no responsibility for the safety of valuables in your room and that a safe is available.

  • ado-zii

    A thief took your stuff while you were in bed? What kind of an unsafe room is that? But I too think it was hotel staff. Is this Novum Hotel? Write them a negative review because the room is unsafe. I’m sorry this happened to you. I hope you’ll be very careful from now on.

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  • DueLoan685

    That’s scary af!
    I hope you get a good solution.