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Deloitte Releases “2023 Financial Services Industry Predictions” Report

NEW YORK, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Deloitte recently published its “2023 Financial Services Industry Predictions” report, which provides insights into the emerging trends that will have a significant impact on the financial services industry in the next decade. The report covers various sectors, including banking & capital markets, insurance, real estate, and investment management. It also emphasizes the influence of data, emerging technologies, products and services, and climate change on the future of financial services and the larger society and economy.

According to Jim Eckenrode, the managing director of the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, the forthcoming technological advancements are projected to be more extensive and influential than what can be currently imagined. Financial services are expected to play a vital role in facilitating these breakthroughs, creating new revenue streams and profit-making opportunities.

One of the significant predictions made by Deloitte is the impact of Generative AI on the investment banking industry and the financial services sector as a whole. The report states that by utilizing Generative AI (GAI), the top-tier global investment banks could enhance their front-office productivity by an average of 25%, leading to an estimated additional revenue of $3 million per front-office employee in 2026. This revolutionary technology has the potential to bring substantial improvements and advancements to the financial services industry.

Another trend highlighted in the report is the rising demand for carbon credit offset financing. Deloitte estimates that by 2030, global consumers will spend $115 billion annually on carbon offsets. As the demand for these credits continues to surge, new trading networks may emerge, providing tailored and localized options for climate change mitigation projects. Banks, therefore, could play a significant role in developing and supporting the infrastructure that connects brands’ payment processes to the carbon credit market.

Furthermore, Deloitte predicts that advancements in self-driving technology could result in the elimination of approximately 380,000 long-haul truck driver jobs within the next five years. This will have a significant impact on workers’ compensation insurers, potentially leading to a loss of around $3 billion worth of premiums. The adoption of autonomous vehicles could also impact premiums across various insurance lines. Insurers must prepare for these changes and develop strategies accordingly.

The report also sheds light on opportunities in the affordable housing market. Deloitte suggests that office-to-residential conversions may become profitable within the next five years. By 2030, it is estimated that around 14,700 affordable housing units can be added to central business districts across the country through these conversions. Financial services firms are advised to consider the changing landscape and prepare for the impacts of market and economic pressures, emerging technologies, and new revenue opportunities.

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