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This week in the world of tech: Boston Dynamics unveiled a new robot, and while it terrified us, the barrage of negative Humane AI Pin reviews showed us that maybe the artificial intelligence uprising is perhaps further aware than we initially feared. But maybe you’ve missed these or other major tech stories from this past week. No worries, because we’re here to help with a round-up of the eight biggest tech news stories from the last seven days.

### 8. The Humane AI Pin came… and flopped

Reviews for the first Humane AI pin came out this week, and they weren’t great – with the wearable being universally labeled as “unreliable.” Marques Brownlee released a video on his YouTube channel calling the AI gadget “the worst product i’ve ever reviewed… for now,” Mrwhosetheboss said “It’s not good,” Bloomberg said “”The design and interface are fatally flawed,” and The Verge’s video interview featured frequent bouts of hysterical laughter because of how bad it found the Humane AI Pin to be. There was also a very strange controversy on social media criticizing the critics – with much of the undeserved hate being directed at Brownlee, leading to him issuing a response – but the main thing was that while AI wearables do seem to be the future – with Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses getting Meta AI and the Nothing earbuds getting ChatGPT – the current tech isn’t where it needs to be right now.

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### 7. Boston Dynamics terrified us with its new humanoid robot

Perhaps someday we’ll ask, “Where were you when you first saw “New Atlas?” Boston Dynamics all-new and all-electric Atlas update is a generational leap from the more than decade-old hydraulics-based Atlas. That robot, which is being retired was amazing in its own right, capable of doing numerous human-like tasks like walking, running, bending, and lifting, but also showing us how an apex human could perform through various acrobatics and parkour antics. New Atlas, however, might be even stronger and it’s already showing us its uncanny flexibility in a brief introduction video. Expect to see it doing even more impressive physical tricks before the bot finally makes its way to factories and, maybe someday, our homes.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest tech advancements.

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