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## Seeking Legal Advice for Potential Lawsuit

Hi, this is an odd post to make but I really need some more information in regards to a possible lawsuit I may make and if I even have a case to begin with. My father severely abused me throughout my entire childhood resulting in long term severe mental health difficulties in which I cannot work nor sustain myself. This abuse has been very well documented and my medical records reflect as such.

If I were to take him civilly, I am not asking for a lot from him, but I have been fighting to get the bare minimum from him since I was young. When I was 18 and child support was stopped, my mother and I talked to him about helping me out whilst I look for a job and to help cover my rent as I had not lived at home since the age of 16 and was relying solely on my mum and my savings to fund life.

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He agreed and commenced a weekly payment. I then fell very unwell and was in and out of hospitals for about a year, in which he continued to pay the agreed amount (less than $120 a week) and also agreed to help increase my private health cover so that I no longer had to go into public psychiatric hospitals and was able to go private – this I could not afford nor could my mum, he also had this increased level of cover for himself independently.

A side note which is need is that the difference in public and private psychiatric hospitals are massive and having already been in the public system from the age of 13 it is incredibly traumatic each time I have to go. It was then agreed when in a mediation meeting with a psychiatrist in which I had what I call a “you break it you buy it” conversation that he would remain covering this private health insurance until I was able to go 6 months without needing any hospitalisation.

This I would all unnecessary if he had not done the actions he had done. However, he has now said he is “too poor” to cover anything anymore as his work cover payments or insurance will be stopping soon (he has to stop work a few years ago due to an illness) – mind you money is not an issue for him, he lives in a very well off house in a top suburb of the Gold Coast, just bought himself and his wife customised Audi cars, has no dependents (I have 2 younger siblings but my mother has full custody over both), and his wife works a very well-paying 6 figure+ job.

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The health insurance is what I am really needing from him, my mum also works a good job however is a single parent and has been for many years and has to care for my 2 younger siblings one of which has complex medical needs and with that is not able to afford the insurance. I have been able to get onto DSP and with that am thankfully able to fund myself, and I am wondering if I would be able to take him to court in order to force him to pay the health insurance for the agreed amount of time.

### Conclusion

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  • SnooOpinions5944

    Same but not really unless their is some sort of hard proof

  • Particular-Try5584

    How old are you?
    In some situations family court may extend child support payments past the age of 18 where there’s documented disability. It generally is only for a few more years though, and now you are able to get DSP it might be irrelevant.
    The cost of you suing him (engaging a lawyer) is going to be quite high.. if this goes to court (doesn’t get solved in mediation) then it is going to cost you a lot more.
    Legally your father has met his obligations, he has no obligation to pay more for you at this point in time. So you would be suing him for abuse … you are best to probably find a ‘no win, no fee’ lawyer to see if they think you have a case. Yes they take a large swipe of anything you win, but they also won’t cost you much up front, and if they won’t touch your case you know your odds of winning are low.
    If you pay a lawyer you get to (within reason) tell them what to do – so you tell them to sue, and they do, at great huge financial cost to you… even while they tell you this isn’t your best course of action. That’s why the no win no fee guys are a good place to start – if you have what is needed to win this they will be happy to fight.

    You might find there’s better ways to get blood out of the stone … social embarrassment could be a place to start. Don’t fall foul of the slander/defamation rules… but you can call him out about his lack of care for all his children, his unwillingness to look after you as he cruises in his Audis.

  • Ok-Motor18523


    Cant sue shitty parents.

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  • HyenaStraight8737

    You wouldn’t be able to sue them to pay for your health insurance indefinitely. Which is what your asking for.

    You sue for a sum. For compensation, you cannot sue to force him to forever pay any and all of your medical expenses. Only up to date and a sum for after.

    In saying that, there are limits to time and also extending it if you are past limitations. Unless it’s sexual abuse.

    And your biggest issue here, is the successful cases have been about sexual abuse. Not physical or emotional.

  • Zealousideal-Bit5700

    It’s possible. Best speak to a no win no fee private lawyer .

  • Weary_Patience_7778

    By take him, so you mean sue?

    Do you have any documented and proven injuries? Have you suffered loss?

  • Cricket-Horror

    Nah, take them rudely.