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## New Job Expectations

Hello! I recently started a new job where I was accepted as a seishain a few months ago. I have been working hard and was really looking forward to receiving my bonus this month. However, to my surprise, I was not informed that the bonus would not be included in my salary slip.

I received both my salary slip and bonus slip. This left me wondering if anyone else has had the same experience as me. My understanding was that the bonus would only be subject to tax deductions, but I noticed that they also deducted social insurance from the bonus slip. This means that I have ended up paying social insurance twice this month. Is this a normal practice?

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  • fiyamaguchi

    Yes, that’s normal. Bonuses are also subject to social insurance as well as income tax.

  • Even_Extreme

    Yes, that’s normal. The reason that the bonus comes on a different slip is because the calculations for social insurance and income tax withholdings for bonuses are different from regular salary.

  • typoerrpr

    That’s normal, deductions and taxes apply to both regular salary and bonus.

    > I paid social insurance twice this month

    You paid social insurance once; part of it from your regular salary and part of it from your bonus.

  • blosphere

    Yup, the few companies that have paid me bonuses, it’s always been a separate slip.

    FYI, separate from the salary slip slips have included:

    * overseas travel reimbursement
    * retirement pay
    * dismissal 30 days pay
    * any “bribes” that I have received to voluntarily resign

    So, pretty normal to keep your monthly salary in one, and then all the extras tacked on that are taxed differently on wholly separate ones.

  • defmute

    No. All of your income gets taxed. Any tax that you have overpaid will be returned to you in December