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## Maximizing Pension Contributions

You have the opportunity to contribute to your pension for not only the current year but also the preceding three years. This means that you can potentially make significant contributions to secure your financial future. Contributions made in the current year will first be applied to that year’s allowance before being allocated to previous years. It is important to note that the total contribution in any given year should not exceed that year’s total salary.

## Utilizing Unused Allowance

However, a common question arises regarding individuals with salaries under £60k and their ability to use any previous unused allowance. For example, if someone has £40k in unused contributions from previous years but earns £25k this year, are they effectively blocked from taking advantage of their allowance? This limitation can severely impact their ability to maximize their pension contributions.

## Ensuring Fairness in Contribution Limits

Perhaps a more equitable rule would be to stipulate that the total contribution over the past four years should not exceed the total income from the past four years. This would allow individuals with fluctuating incomes to still benefit from their unused allowances and secure their financial future.

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