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# Financial Overview and Goals

I am a 35-year-old single individual living in Montreal, making $92,000 annually, including a 10% bonus on top of my base pay of $84,000. My job is entirely remote, offering flexibility in hours and great work-life balance.

## Savings Breakdown

In terms of savings, I have allocated the following funds:
– **HISA**: $8,300 at a 4% interest rate
– **RRSP+DCPP** (Blackrock 2050): $26,000
– **TFSA**: $39,600 invested in 60% ETFs and 40% Mutual funds
– **Chequing**: $4,900 in a 10-year-old TD account used for bill payments and other transactions

I consistently contribute 10% of my monthly salary to RRSP and 5.5% to DCPP, with my company matching the 5.5%. Additionally, I contribute $800-$1,000 monthly to my TFSA and occasionally transfer funds from my chequing to HISA.

## Expense Management

My monthly expenses include:
– **Rent**: $1,300 for a 3.5 apartment
– **Groceries**: $500
– **Phone and Internet bills**: $90
– **Miscellaneous**: $600

## Financial Goals

My primary financial goal is to maximize savings, with no immediate plans for property ownership despite having sufficient funds for it.

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## Financial Strategy Questions

Aside from increasing income, how can I further improve my financial situation?
Should I consider increasing the risk level of my TFSA investments, currently at Wealthsimple Managed level 6?

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