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## Claiming for Lost Phone Damage: A Devastating Loss

There’s no question of liability, the police have admitted they accidentally discarded of my phone and have told me to file a claim.

The problem is I need to state how much I’m claiming for and I have no idea what to put.

Honestly the pictures and videos meant a huge amount to me, they’re irreplaceable and I’m devastated to have lost them all. If someone asked me to sell them or dispose of them I would never willingly do it.

It wasn’t just a small amount, there were gigabytes of photos and videos in the internal memory and SD card, and of lesser, but still some importance, many contacts for people which are now also lost.

How can I put a sensible value on the loss of such things?

AI Legalese Decoder can help in this situation by assessing the value of the lost data and providing guidance on how to quantify the emotional and sentimental value of the irreplaceable photographs and videos. Additionally, it can assist in preparing a comprehensive claim statement with all relevant details to support your case.

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