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## Situation on the M80 Highway: Need Advice Regarding Possible Speeding Infraction

Driving on the M80 highway, I encountered a situation where I overtook a car traveling at 80km in a 100km zone. After changing lanes, I accelerated to the speed limit. However, uncertainty arose when I questioned if I may have been slightly over 100km when passing a camera.

### Conflicting Evidence and Stress

My dashcam recorded me at 100km when passing the camera, yet my memory recalls seeing my speed reach 103km near the camera before promptly slowing down. Despite the conflicting data, I am unsure of the consequences or if I will receive a ticket for potential speeding violations. This uncertainty is causing undue stress and worry.

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  • Ilikecelery91

    Generally no if you’re arguing a difference that small.

    But for 103 in a 100 zone you are not going to get a ticket, speedometers overestimate so you were likely only doing 100 or a bit less.

  • Lord_Skunk

    Short answer no, long answer nope

  • sparkyblaster

    How do you intend to answer the question of “when was this speed monitoring device last calibrated and can you produce the paperwork certifying the calibration”

  • RARARA-001

    Your dash cam isn’t calibrated for speed so no you cannot use it as evidence of speed.

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  • cutsnek

    Probably borderline, if you were truly going at 103 km I would say 50/50, any faster you are definitely getting a fine.

    No you can’t use dashcam footage, it’s not calibrated.

  • That_Car_Dude_Aus

    If it’s calibrated, absolutely.

    The ones in cop cars are calibrated to the OBD stream which is in turn calibrated when they are built into police cars.

    So yeah, no issues using a calibrated speed measurement to defend yourself.

  • angryRDDTshareholder

    From an engineering position yes you can, if you know the frame rate of the footage recorded and a physical distance of something in the footage. It’s very easy actually. It’s simple math and physics.

    Can police do it? Legally this has been argued. Using a dashcam it’s less accurate then using a fixed camera that can see the whole car

  • cigarlovur

    You won’t get a ticket unless you go 104km. They have to account for the technology they use not being 100% accurate. Hence why I always drive 103km and never get a ticket.

    The dashcam probably won’t help but I can’t imagine a big fine just for going 1km over the limit. And if you do get a fine, just ask to challenge it in court and ask for evidence. For 1km they’d probably drop it due to it being too little to actually care about and the amount of effort it would take the prosecutors to do the case.