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## Evaluating Energy Costs and Car Options

Right now, I find myself spending around $90 a week on gas due to my daily 40km commute for work. When I did the math, it dawned on me that I’m shelling out almost $5000 annually just on fuel (in Canadian dollars, mind you).

Now, a new opportunity has presented itself – a chance to upgrade to a Prius Prime XSE. Given that I predominantly travel on the highway, is it feasible to anticipate cutting my energy expenses in half by opting for this car?

As much as the Prius appeals to me in its flashy yellow hue, I can’t help but have my heart set on the Camry. I cherish my current vehicle and view it as more than just a mode of transport. While the Camry is aesthetically superior in my eyes, the Prius boasts better fuel efficiency.

The dilemma arises when considering whether it’s worthwhile to invest an extra $15,000 to $20,000 on top of a new Camry for the potential energy savings. What percentage drop in fuel costs can I realistically expect if my daily highway commute spans 40km?

Decisions need to be made, and I seek unbiased opinions since car purchases aren’t exactly my forte. Should I deem myself crazy for contemplating a trade-in of my beloved Camry for a Prius?

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  • MooseKnuckleds

    If that Camry was a 2012 IÔÇÖd be on board. Not a 2023

  • gas-man-sleepy-dude

    Eating loss of depreciation on your Camry, paying higher cost for Prius prime and higher insurance costs of Prius prime means financially you will probably never get your money back from the gas savings.

  • Dhumavati80

    >Now I am being offered the opportunity to trade up to a Prius Prime XSE.

    You are being offered this because the dealership stands to make a ton of money off of you. Don’t think of this as the dealership doing you a solid. Keep your brand new Camry and enjoy it for the next 10+ years.

  • hard-on234

    I’m just basing on your statements, didn’t even do the caluclation. But you are saying you think you can cut down your gas by half which is 2500. If you pay 20k to upgrade, it will take you 8 years to break even, not even considering opportunity cost loss as well. Does that sound worth it?

  • Tanzanite_Shark

    Keep the camry. It’s only worth it if you can make up the costs in 2 years ish. The Camry is a phenomenal car. You mentioned you like it. See if you can pay a marginal difference for the Camry Hybrid though. I know you drive highway kms but even then, the Hybrid comes out on top.

  • JeeringDragon

    DoesnÔÇÖt the Prius prime phev get $5K discount like other EVs in Ontario?

  • elysiansaurus

    I thought the camry had good mileage? That’s shit. I spend less than that on gas with a ford focus and a 70km commute. 140km a day.

  • gravis1982

    Why don’t you just buy a used model 3

  • Cancel_Minimum

    That camry will last you another decade plus at least.

    Why lose the depreciation on it, just to go underwater on essentially the same car?

    Your energy costs will not be half, it’ll ~5% regardless of what the dealerships telling you.

  • Micktaterz

    40KM is just on the other side of medium distance not ÔÇ£really farÔÇØ

  • Saucy6

    I see the Prius Prime has a battery range of 72km, that would be a big piece of your daily mileage. YouÔÇÖd need to fill up every few weeks likely.

    Power cost would be $40-50/month? Depends on rates in your area. Ontario has ULO rates for super cheap overnight charging which may be interesting.

    Is the Prius even available?

  • fendermonkey

    This is why the carbon tax exists

  • WhipTheLlama

    Keep the Camry since the additional cost of the Prius will take many years to overcome in fuel savings. When it’s time to buy a new car, consider an EV if you are able to charge it at home. An 80 KM two-way commute is a great distance for an EV to show its savings.

  • Even_Cartoonist9632

    You aren’t going to save much going from an already small fuel efficient vehicle like a camry to a prius, let alone eating the depreciation and interest costs of your vehicle loan.┬á

    Toyota is also one of the only manufacturers still having inventory issues so you’ll be waiting for the new vehicle or paying above MSRP for the prius and further making it not make any sense financially┬á

  • Phil_Major

    Keep the Camry. I trust this is a serious question, but it almost doesnÔÇÖt even seem serious. You have a car you love, and are asking if spending a pile of money youÔÇÖll never make back to trade it for a car you donÔÇÖt love is a good idea.


    ThereÔÇÖs no AWD Prius prime

  • noronto

    Why are you paying so much for gas? I donÔÇÖt think your numbers make sense.

  • Spirited-Meaning-533

    Just a different take on your situation. Why not look for moving close to work or changing jobs to cut down travel time ? Put the savings in paying higher rent or in house; in an asset that wonÔÇÖt depreciate.

  • hellouglys3

    how do you spend $90/week? I drive 60km each way on an older camry and only spend $70 a week. Also, You should buy a 1998 corolla and move closer to work.

  • henry-bacon

    It would take you 3-4 years to makeup the cost in expected gas savings, is that worth it to you?

  • Newflyer3

    Don’t like the Prius this gen. That gauge pod thing is basically blocked by the top of the steering wheel when I sat in it. Very odd driving position and the A pillar is very flat. 195 series tires on 19 inch wheels too so good luck lol

  • Asa7bi

    you do you, but the prius looks like a taxi

  • ohhellnooooooooo

    ItÔÇÖd be cheaper to just move closer┬á