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## Golf Business News – The Mount Golf and Country Club plans premier development

### Introduction
The Mount Golf and Country Club, located near Wolverhampton, has recently submitted a planning application to transform into a state-of-the-art golf range facility. This transformative project aims to position the club as a premier destination for driving range enthusiasts in the Midlands region.

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### Facility Features
The proposed facility is designed to incorporate cutting-edge technology across 32 bays, showcasing the latest in golfing technology such as Trackman systems. Moreover, the facility will offer luxurious bays with dining options and refreshments, providing a premium experience for visitors.

### Accessibility and Leisure Opportunities
With a focus on making golf more accessible to local residents, the facility will cater to both beginners and seasoned players, offering practice areas as well as leisure activities. Family-friendly games and entertainment options will be available to ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

### Expansion and Improvements
In addition to the golf range, the development plan includes an expanded golf shop, recreational spaces, and clubhouse enhancements. The incorporation of paddleboard courts will further diversify the club’s offerings, providing top-tier sporting facilities to the community and boosting interest in the rapidly growing paddleboard sport.

### Positive Feedback and Future Outlook
The club has garnered positive feedback from Golf England regarding the proposed facility, signaling a promising future for this ambitious project. Director Scott Bernard expressed excitement about the project, emphasizing the importance of making golf more accessible to a wider audience and enhancing the hospitality aspect of the sport regionally.

### Conclusion
The Mount Golf and Country Club’s premier development project signifies a significant step towards modernization and inclusivity in the golfing community. With a focus on technology, accessibility, and leisure, the club is poised to become a premier destination in the Midlands region, catering to golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

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