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## Humanities Montana Hires Liz Harrison

Humanities Montana, a state council of the National Endowment of the Humanities, has appointed Liz Harrison as its new development and communications director to expand its reach and enhance programmatic funding.

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Jill Baker, executive director of Humanities Montana, emphasized the importance of Liz Harrison’s experience in reaching more Montanans and garnering support for humanities in the state.

Harrison brings a wealth of fundraising experience from organizations such as Helena Food Share, The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Planned Parenthood of Montana, and Helena Area Habitat for Humanity. Her dedication to the humanities as a pillar of democracy is crucial in the current divided societal landscape.

### Liz Harrison’s Background

With a B.A. in English literature from Manhattanville University and a master’s in divinity from Sophia University, Harrison has contributed to various publications, including Bozeman Magazine and the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. She has also held board positions at Keystone Conservation and Montana Shares. Before relocating to Montana, she served as the vice president of marketing and publicity at Random House publishing.

### About Humanities Montana

Humanities Montana, established in 1972, is a nonprofit state council of the National Endowment for the Humanities. It offers grants and public programming to cultural institutions across Montana. Learn more at [](

## Gallagher Joins Silverman Law Office

Dylan Gallagher has recently joined Silverman Law Office as an associate attorney specializing in assisting professionals with licenses in Montana.

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Originating from Helena, Gallagher completed his undergraduate and legal education at the University of Montana before clerking for the 1st Judicial District Court. His transition to Silverman Law Office from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry has equipped him with extensive experience in professional licensing matters and regulatory frameworks.

Gallagher’s expertise now focuses on aiding licensed professionals, including nurses, therapists, physicians, engineers, and cosmetologists, in enhancing their practices, maintaining licensure compliance, and defending against unwarranted disciplinary actions.

Silverman Law Office, with branches in Helena and Bozeman, has served over 7,000 Montanans since its establishment in 2012 by attorney Joel Silverman. For more information, contact Silverman Law Office at 406-449-4829 or visit [](

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