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### Financial Strategy: Maximizing Inheritance Funds

I am in the fortunate position of receiving a significant inheritance of approximately €100 000. As I am considering purchasing a house in the near future, I am looking to keep this amount in a low-risk and easily accessible form, such as cash or other liquid assets.

With my current financial situation in mind, I have outlined several potential options for investing or storing this inheritance. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions on these choices, as well as any additional options that I may have overlooked. It is important to note that I am currently residing in France and am not an EU citizen.

#### Interactive Brokers
– Offering a 3.3% interest rate on Euros
– I already have investments with them and am familiar with their platform. However, I am unsure about the risk of keeping additional idle cash with them.
– Concerned about the withholding of interest income according to Irish taxes and the extent of deposit protection available.

#### Trading 212
– Providing a 4.2% interest rate on Euros
– Limited Euro cash deposit guarantee of €20 000
– Heard conflicting reports about the legitimacy of this platform

#### Trade Republic
– Offering a 4% interest rate on Euros, up to €50 000
– Guarantees Euro cash deposits up to €100k
– Rumors circulating about the reliability of this option

#### Linxea Spirica
– My French Assurance Vie with a Euro fund yielding 3.1% interest last year
– Uncertain about the risks associated with Assurance Vies and the necessity of diversifying my investments within this account

#### Linxea Avenir
– Another French Assurance Vie with a Euro fund returning 2.5% interest last year
– Same concerns regarding risk and diversification within this account, given my substantial investment already placed within it

#### French Bank, CCF
– Currently offering a 3% interest rate from April to September
– Convenient as I am an existing client of this bank; however, nearing the deposit protection limit of €100 000 due to other accounts held with them

#### Boursorama Livret
– A French online bank providing a 2.5% interest rate on savings accounts

Having outlined my options, I am considering utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder to further evaluate the terms and conditions associated with each financial institution and investment opportunity. This tool can assist me in deciphering complex legal language and ensuring that I am fully informed before making any decisions regarding the allocation of my inheritance funds.

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  • NietJij

    Money Market Fund?

    Xtrackers II EUR overnight rate swap UCITS ETF 1C gives something like 3,9% I believe (or it did a few nonths ago). It’s about as safe as putting it in a bank account and when you need the money you just sell it and have your money in your bank account in a few days.

    At least that’s how I understood it.

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    It seems your post is targeted toward Ireland, are you aware of the following Irish personal finance subreddit?

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  • Remarkable_Mix_806

    depends on how soon “soon” is. If this is 1 year or less, I’d chuck it into a bank savings account. If this is 2 years or more, I’d go with government bonds that will give you a fixed yield for longer than these savings account will.

  • TurboMoistSupreme

    IB should have 100k guarantee, like any other European institution.

    Personally, I’d just keep everything there to simplify things. You can also pour it into VWCE if you don’t mind the risk, just keep an emergency fund.

    Trade republic is nice but as you know its only until 50k.

  • aquarisIut

    I believe CCF has an offer for 4% rate if you have maxed Livret A etc., maybe look into this if you want to go through CCF

  • marsokod

    If you want a France-specific advice, you can also ask the question on r/vosfinances

  • HironTheDisscusser

    money market funds and short to medium term euro government bonds, internally the money market fund ETFs buy government bonds anyway

    I just park my spare cash in XEON

  • marcusanthony1

    I use Trade Republic to park cash. Haven’t had any problems with them. What has been the shady things you’ve heard about them?

  • nofaaaay1161

    cash aint good idea as now its loosing its value really fast. Try to put it in stocks or into Savings account with good %. You at least wont lose as much value as you would keeping it in cash