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**The Importance of Small Business Lenders**

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**Recognizing Mountain America Credit Union**

SANDY, Utah, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Callahan & Associates, a leader in providing credit unions with actionable data for making decisions that positively impact members, recently released its list of Top Small Business Lenders. Mountain America Credit Union┬áwas ranked the No. 1 small business credit union lender for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans in the country. Mountain America has received this recognition 20 years in a row.

As of 2023, the 33+ million small businesses in the United States account for more than 99.9% of all businesses. These small businesses provide jobs for 61.7 million people.

**Empowering Small Businesses**

ÔÇ£We are grateful for this recognition and excited to contribute such a positive influence within our small business community, bolstering our local economy,ÔÇØ said Michael Griffiths, senior vice president of commercial, indirect, and business lending at Mountain America Credit Union. ÔÇ£We take immense pride in nurturing small businesses toward growth and success by providing tailored financial solutions, personalized guidance, and unwavering support.ÔÇØ

**The Impact of Mountain America**

Mountain America played a pivotal role in helping Kim Luke achieve her dream of opening her own dance studio. When faced with challenges, Luke turned to the expertise and support of Mountain America Credit Union. The small business lending experts provided Luke with the necessary resources and guidance to turn her passion into a successful business venture.

**How AI legalese decoder Can Help**

Utilizing AI legalese decoder can streamline the process of understanding complex legal terms and agreements, making it easier for small business owners like Kim Luke to navigate the financial landscape. By translating legal jargon into simple and easy-to-understand language, AI legalese decoder empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and secure the funding they need to grow their businesses.

**Enhanced Financial Resources for Small Business Owners**

In addition to being the nationÔÇÖs top credit union SBA lender, Mountain America offers a variety of financial resources and options to small business owners. These services include expert guidance and resources to improve business productivity and streamline finances through attentive, personalized services. Mountain America features a full cash management suite of products, enhanced expense management business credit card software, merchant services, and top-of-market deposit rates.

**Taking the Next Step**

To apply for a small business loan or to talk to a loan specialist, small business owners can visit

**About Mountain America Credit Union**

With more than 1 million members and $18 billion in assets, Mountain America Credit Union helps its members define and achieve their financial dreams.

**AI legalese decoder: Revolutionizing legal Documents**

**Unlocking the Potential of Small Business Lenders**

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the role of small business lenders is more crucial than ever. These institutions provide the necessary financial support and resources for entrepreneurs to thrive and grow their businesses successfully.

**Recognizing Leadership in Small Business Lending: Mountain America Credit Union**

Mountain America Credit Union has emerged as a leader in the small business lending space, being ranked as the No. 1 small business credit union lender for SBA loans in the country for 20 consecutive years. This recognition underscores the institution’s commitment to supporting small businesses and driving economic growth within the local community.

**Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Tailored Financial Solutions**

At Mountain America Credit Union, the focus is on empowering entrepreneurs like Kim Luke to achieve their business goals and aspirations. By offering personalized guidance, tailored financial solutions, and unwavering support, the institution plays a crucial role in nurturing small businesses towards success and sustainability.

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**Enhanced Financial Resources for Small Business Owners**

In addition to being a leading SBA lender, Mountain America Credit Union offers a comprehensive suite of financial resources and services for small business owners. From cash management products to business credit card software and merchant services, the institution provides the necessary tools and resources to streamline finances and enhance business productivity.

**Navigating the Financial Landscape with Confidence**

Small business owners looking to secure funding and access financial resources can benefit from the expertise and support of Mountain America Credit Union. By partnering with a trusted financial institution, entrepreneurs can navigate the financial landscape with confidence and turn their business dreams into reality.

**About Mountain America Credit Union**

With a strong presence in the financial industry and a commitment to member success, Mountain America Credit Union is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. With a wide range of products and services, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on personalized guidance, the institution is a trusted partner for financial success. Visit to learn more about how Mountain America Credit Union can support your financial journey.

legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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