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ABOVE: Lenny Tvedten is seen with his latest book, which is about the history of businesses and organizations in Martin County.

Martin County Historical Society Releases New Book

Martin County Historical Society’s Executive Director, Lenny Tvedten, recently published a new book titled “Martin County Merchants and Innovators, Creators and Risk Takers.” The book contains information on over 70 businesses and organizations, both past and present.

Tvedten initiated a call for submissions for this book in the spring of 2022, with the intention of documenting the history and impact of businesses in Martin County. Many businesses cease to exist once the owner retires or the business closes, and Tvedten wanted to preserve the information and stories of these businesses for future generations.

A notable example of a former business included in the book is Del’s Tender Maid Hamburgers, which was located next to the Sentinel. Tvedten mentioned that the daughter of the owner provided information and photos for this business.

The book’s contents are limited to the businesses that participated by providing information. Therefore, if a current or past business did not submit any information, it was not included in the book.

Gathering Information for the Book

In the initial stages of gathering information, the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and local news outlets, such as the Sentinel and Photo Press, helped spread the word to businesses in the area. Interested businesses were sent a form requesting details about their history, including the business name, former names, owners, locations, products or services, number of employees, and any unique stories.

Businesses had the option to write up their own history, which would then be edited, or Tvedten would compile the information based on the details provided and any relevant materials found in the museum.

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Businesses Featured in the Book

The book includes information and pictures of 74 different businesses and organizations that reached out to Tvedten. Additionally, Tom Koeritz of Northrop contributed information and pictures for 34 Northrop businesses, resulting in a dedicated section on Northrop.

Some of the businesses featured in the book are lesser-known or may have been forgotten over time. Examples include Dick’s Barbershop, Nelson Ice Cream Company, Cliff’s Sales, Moltzen Electric, and U Turn Bar and Grill in Dunnell. Tvedten emphasizes the importance of documenting these businesses, as their stories might otherwise be lost.

One interesting entry in the book is The Triangle, a drive-in movie theater that was located where Bolten and Menk is now. Former employees of The Triangle held a reunion in 2015, and a picture from the reunion is included in the book.

Discovering Business Progressions and Historical Significance

The book reveals interesting progressions and historical significance of certain businesses. For example, Bean Town went through various transformations, starting as a Mr. Steak and later becoming China King Buffet. Doolittle Carpet and Paint originated in Winnebago, and Fairmont Cast Stone has transformed into Grotte Concrete.

Several businesses included in the book are still in existence or hold significant memories for local residents. These include Sirloin House, Sherburn Nursery, Day Plumbing, and Profinium.

Some businesses in the book date back to the early 1900s and even earlier. Crystal Bottling Company, established in 1894, is one of the oldest businesses featured. However, it closed down, and the building was demolished in 1970. The Sentinel, established in 1874, holds the distinction of being the oldest business included in the book.

Author’s Journey and Future Possibilities

“Martin County Merchants and Innovators, Creators and Risk Takers” is Tvedten’s third book. His first book, “Tales of Martin County,” compiles articles he had written about the county’s history. The second book, “Martin County Veterans: Their Sacrifices, our Freedom,” was published in December 2021.

Tvedten expressed his satisfaction with the businesses that participated in the book and appreciates the variety of stories they contributed. He reiterates that the goal was to document any and all businesses that wanted to be part of the project. If there is enough interest in the future, another book focusing on different businesses could be considered.

The book is currently available at the Martin County Historical Society, Photo Press, and Good News Bookstore in Fairmont.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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