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## Adjusting Residency Date for Tax Filing in Ohio

### Situation Overview
Last year, my wife and I relocated from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Ohio. While preparing my taxes independently due to issues with H&R Block services, I encountered a problem when attempting to file my Ohio state taxes and school district income tax return. Ohio requires a full year of residency for tax purposes, and my move occurred in the middle of the year. Now, I am facing a dilemma about adjusting my residency start date to meet Ohio’s requirements.

### Extended Explanation
When moving to a new state, tax laws can vary significantly from one location to another. In the case of Ohio, a full year of residency is necessary for filing state and local income taxes. Changing the residency start date from when you actually moved to Ohio to the beginning of the year could potentially resolve the issue with your tax filings. However, it is crucial to consider the legal implications of altering dates on official documents.

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  • That-Establishment24

    The date you change residency is the date you changed residency. Are you asking us if you should lie on your tax return?

  • cmn_jcs

    Could try another service like FreeTaxUSA–I’ve been pleased with them for the past several years, although if your wife and you have different residency situations, it’ll be a little complicated.