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Current State of the Crypto Market

The crypto market is currently experiencing a prolonged period of correction where major price recoveries are yet to be seen for most cryptocurrencies/crypto assets. The global market cap has taken a further dip from yesterday’s levels, now standing at $2.27 Trillion. Despite this decline, the trading volume has actually increased by 14%, reaching $100.33 Billion today. In the midst of this turbulent period, there are a few crypto assets that have managed to stand out and attract attention for various reasons.

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Top 3 Trending Crypto Assets Worth Buying

According to CoinmarketCap, Omni Network, Super Trump, and SLERF are currently the top three trending crypto assets in the market. These cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of users for various reasons. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Omni Network (OMNI)

OMNI Network is a newly launched crypto asset that has made its debut in the market very recently. The token has experienced some volatility issues due to a current airdrop campaign initiated by the team for marketing purposes. Despite initially reaching a price of $43.41 and a trading volume of $955,058.19, the token has faced significant price drops, plummeting by more than 41% in just one day.

Ranked 231st on CoinmarketCap, OMNI currently has a market capitalization of $254,034,789, which has also seen a decline of 41.13%. However, the trading volume remains high at $604,942,678, securing the 17th position in the market rankings.

As OMNI is still a new token, its demand is expected to rise in the coming days. Additionally, with the token’s price currently down, it might present a good opportunity for investors to acquire tokens for future gains.

Super Trump (STRUMP)

Super Trump has been experiencing a downward trend in its price for almost a month, losing 67% of its value. However, there have been recent indications of bullish conditions, with the token’s price surging by 26% in a single day, signaling a potential recovery. The market cap of STRUMP has also increased by 26.62% to $534,101.

Notably, there has been a growing demand for STRUMP in the market, as evidenced by a significant hike in the number of transactions. The trading volume for STRUMP has surged to $7,204,677, marking a 676.50% increase.


SLERF’s price has entered a recovery phase, with a 5.65% increase in value over the past week following a recent decline. The crypto market’s focus has turned towards SLERF, reflected in a 29% increase in trading volume from the previous day, positioning SLERF at the 61st spot in terms of volume rankings.

Having been launched in mid-March, SLERF has quickly garnered investor attention within a short span. The token even reached its all-time high of $1.31, representing a 70% increase from its current value of $0.4.

With the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, SLERF is poised to emerge as a prominent player in the market.


Besides Omni Network, Super Trump, and SLERF, there are other trending crypto assets such as Gaimin, Ondo, and Bitcoin. It is worth noting that despite the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin Halving, Bitcoin is not currently the most captivating cryptocurrency for investors.

For more insights into the crypto market, consider reading about the potential future price movements of Bitcoin and the impact of various market events.

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