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## Seeking Advice on Budgeting Strategies

I need some guidance on how to redirect and rethink my “budgeting” approach. Throughout most of my life, I have relied on credit cards for all my expenses, paying them off in full each month to earn travel rewards. I have maintained a strict policy of never paying interest on my credit card debt. However, as a single mother now, I realize the need to tighten my spending habits. Despite just securing a new government job with a salary of $96,000 per year, along with excellent benefits and pension contributions, I find myself overspending in categories such as groceries, eating out, and shopping. While I am able to pay off my credit card balance every month, I have not been diligent in tracking or holding myself accountable for my spending habits. Turning 50 this year, I feel a renewed sense of urgency to save and gain better control over my finances. I am hesitant to abandon the use of credit cards due to the valuable travel rewards they offer. Do you have any suggestions on how I can maintain the benefits of using credit cards while also implementing effective measures to cap or control my spending?

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  • zigziggityzoo

    Sounds like you need to budget vs what you’re currently doing, which is called tracking spending.

    The best thing you can do is actually look at your spending history over the past year, if you can, and then define limits on each category of spending you’re doing. If you have goals in mind that require savings, then you need to make decisions on where you’d like to trim back your spending in order to make room for that monthly savings payment.

    Use an app like Monarch Money or YNAB to help you create and follow a budget.

    If you have discipline to follow your own rules, then you can continue to use credit cards the way you have been, but if you don’t have the discipline, then you need to switch to something else, like an envelope system, where you have set aside cash for each budget category and you only spend the cash in that envelope. When it’s gone, you don’t spend more until the next month replenishes it.

  • theski2687

    If you put everything on CC then just go thru your expenses each month and categorize. You’ll see where you are overspending and then you can start adjusting.

    Side note, I’m shocked you can comfortably afford a 3300 dollar mortgage on that income while also freely spending on all the rest. You must live pretty modestly even if you don’t restrain yourself

  • financial_freedom416


  • eat_sleep_shitpost

    Pay yourself first (invest part of your paycheck) so the money disappears before it ever makes it to your account. Forced scarcity.

  • Fine-Historian4018

    You should review your cc statements from last year to help create a rough budget and then go from there.

    I recommend monarch money for tracking.

  • HereForRedditReasons

    I am in the same place as you, I recently got the app ‘rocket money’ it’s super easy to see where you are currently spending and from there you can determine what feels like too much and then try to create a reasonable budget from there

  • DaJabroniz

    Thats a high mortgage for your salary.

    You need to track expenses and income and then designate direct deposit so you have less to “play” with.

  • shyladev

    On each of my cards what I do is create a spreadsheet and I grant myself categories for each – Like on my savor one card I allow: $200 door dash, $350 groceries, $400 misc.

    I track each of my purchases in those columns and once I hit it I am done. Sometimes I will use my cash back to pad the DoorDash column. B/c I am slightly addicted.