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# Situation: Cyber Extortion via iCloud Hack

## Background:
Someone hacked my iCloud and extorted money from me to erase everything. I received threats to publish sensitive content if I did not comply, so I ended up paying the requested amount.

## Details:
The hacker communicated with me through a Filipino account on Telegram, as indicated by the currency displayed during the payment process on PayPal. I reside in Spain and have taken necessary precautions such as changing passwords, creating a new iCloud account, and upgrading my security measures.

## Evidence:
Although the hacker deleted our conversation, I have managed to save some screenshots of the transactions made through PayPal. I have limited information about the hacker, including their PayPal name, linked email address, and Telegram username.

## Query:
In light of these events, I am uncertain about the legal steps I should take to address this incident. I seek guidance on the appropriate course of action to pursue legal recourse against the perpetrator.

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  • Stijntjuh81

    Did they really gain acces to your iCloud? Or did they just say they did?

  • reids1

    Probably not much you can do. Did they prove that they’d actually hacked your icloud?

  • C_h_a_n

    You should have contacted Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos or at least Policía Nacional.

    For the vast majority of situations the hacker didn’t really get access to your account unless they provide evidence (encrypted files, sent you some of the files or something similar) and even if they get access nothing prevents them from releasing the files after getting paid.

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  • Janpeterbalkellende

    Lol you fell for the most common scam ever.
    They have been sending emails/texts for decaeds now about compromisng your computer and leaking private pictures to family. Its literally the textbook example of scams on the internet.
    Unless they send proof or blocked acces to your wccounts there is about a 0.0001% you actually got hacked. If they havked your account why wouldn’t they lock you out for proper leverage?

    Nothing you can realistically do about you can make a report but it will lead to nothing