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OutSystems Unveils OutSystems Data Fabric for Enhanced Data Management

OutSystems, a specialist in high-performance application development, has recently announced one of the most significant updates to OutSystems Developer Cloud since its inception. This update introduces OutSystems Data Fabric, a tool that enables organisations to establish a foundation for constructing dynamic applications, leveraging data across the enterprise, and improving developer productivity.

In today’s business landscape, outdated data can lead to costs exceeding $15 million annually, as per IDC research. OutSystems Data Fabric aims to address this issue by providing centralised data management, accelerating application performance, and facilitating data integration across various systems, allowing data-powered apps to fully utilize their potential and empowering business units with valuable information.

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Empowering Business Transformation Through Data

Paulo Rosado, the co-founder and CEO at OutSystems, emphasizes that data plays a crucial role in driving business transformation. However, data is often locked in legacy systems or spread across multiple SaaS applications, hindering its accessibility and utility. OutSystems Data Fabric enables enterprises to unlock and control siloed data, thereby uncovering valuable insights that can enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences.

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Streamlining Data Integration with Data Fabric

OutSystems Data Fabric becomes an integrated, virtual data layer within the OutSystems Developer Cloud, offering a secure and governed approach to accessing data situated across the IT ecosystem. This seamless access to unified datasets simplifies application development and enhances reliability, ensuring that data is readily available across the entire application portfolio.

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Enhancing Application Flexibility with Event-Driven Architecture

The newly introduced Event-Driven Architecture feature complements Data Fabric by transitioning businesses away from legacy architectures towards more resilient, responsive, and scalable solutions. This shift to event-based applications offers enterprise architects a centralized hub for building applications, simplifying management and reducing disruptions.

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Unlocking Innovation and IT Transformation

OutSystems Data Fabric and Event-Driven Architecture are now available in the OutSystems Developer Cloud, offering organisations the tools needed to meet the demands of innovation and IT transformation in today’s digital landscape. To explore how these features can benefit your organization, visit the OutSystems website for more information.

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