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Goodyear, April 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Goodyear, Arizona –

In a world where the bar to be “a Facebook ads expert” is amazingly low, Eric Saar, Owner and CEO of Slingshot Media Consulting, has entered the arena. He has seen the lack of quality and the disservice that hundreds of so-called “Facebook Marketing Agencies” subject many small businesses to in the United States. He has decided to do something about it. Unveiling his revamped “Complete Mastery Education Program for Facebook Ads,” he wants to impact thousands of small to medium-sized businesses and help them realize a significant and long-lasting improvement to their overall marketing return on investment (ROI).

Eric Saar, CEO, Slingshot Media Consulting

After representing Facebook (through a subcontractor) online in teaching more than 1200 companies how to run Facebook ads. Facebook ads were recently called Meta ads which include Instagram ads. Witnessing the strategizing of more than $100 million in ad spend, Eric saw that the environment was ripe for a new solution. The current agencies he had dealt with were not cutting it as they were making basic mistakes on behalf of their clients that could have been avoided with 10 minutes of time with a real expert, giving the business owner a real boost to their revenues and profits. In response, Eric started Slingshot Media Consulting to solve this problem for more businesses that deserve this attention.

He and his team have revolutionized dozens of businesses for the last three years. During 2024, more spots will open to bring this solution to more businesses.

The landscape of Facebook marketing was the catalyst for Eric’s entry into the industry. He entered with a solution for agencies lacking experience and understanding of specific industries. Additionally, he realized that because of that lack of experience and business expertise, agencies are not incentivized to have the business’s best interests at heart. Because of all this, businesses are stuck in a cycle of negative overall ROI, headaches, wasted time, and money.

Another issue is that business owners don’t have enough money to hire someone in-house or enough expertise to know if the hire was good or enough expertise or time to do it themselves. They are afraid, knowing they need to market themselves, but lack the time, expertise, or money to make it happen.

This is where Eric Saar and Slingshot Media Consulting come in to save the day with their wisdom and finesse.

Slingshot Media Consulting

With a “Complete Mastery Education Program,” the business can run its Meta/Facebook/Instagram ads for 4 hours a month. They will spend either the same or less time on ads than when they had an agency running them, but certainly, they will spend less time worrying about them.

After working with Eric and his team, the business owner can save ALL the agency fees moving forward (typically $2,000 to $10,000 per month and instead invest them in their ads). Another benefit is that the business owner can regain control of their marketing instead of having an agency hijack their strategy with their ideas.

As one of Eric’s clients has said multiple times after working with Slingshot Media Consulting to bring his ads in-house, “It’s a no-brainer.” Contact Eric Saar for a discovery call to see how he can turn business Facebook Ads around for entrepreneurs at

About Eric Saar:

Eric Saar, the “Facebook Ads Wizard,” is a passionate consultant as the owner and CEO of Slingshot Media Consulting. Complimented for his teacher mentality, he has earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication and an MBA from Pepperdine. He is also passionate about tech and automation, alongside his marketing and business acumen. One of his hobbies is watching and talking about the NBA and professional basketball.


For more information about Slingshot Media Consulting LLC, contact the company here:

Slingshot Media Consulting LLC
Eric Saar
[email protected]
15607 W Berkeley Rd, Goodyear AZ 85395

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