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# GAINS Protocol Welcomes Three New Advisors

## Introduction
Dubai, UAE, May 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GAINS Associates, a trailblazer in decentralized venture capital, is excited to announce the strategic addition of three new advisors to its thriving ecosystem. This development comes at a critical juncture as GAINS continues its trajectory of pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance and expanding its global footprint. With the inclusion of Walid Benothman, Evan Luthra, and Jonathan Faye as advisors, GAINS Associates is poised to strengthen its market position and lead the way in innovative advancements.

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## Industry Expertise: A Detailed Look at the New Advisors
**Walid Benothman** – Known for his pioneering work as the Head of Growth and Institutional Head at 1inch, Walid Benothman brings a wealth of experience in the blockchain industry. His expertise in integrating cryptocurrencies within traditional financial systems and compliance security tokenization will be instrumental for GAINS Associates.

**Evan Luthra** – Renowned in the tech and blockchain sectors, Evan Luthra’s visionary approach and extensive network will significantly boost GAINS Associates’ strategic planning and visibility. His inclusion adds a fresh perspective to the team.

**Jonathan Faye** – With a background that spans legal expertise and global innovation at ODDO BHF, Jonathan Faye’s proficiency in M&A, Private Equity/VC, and blockchain technology will provide GAINS Associates with unparalleled strategic direction and innovation capabilities.

## Impact and Future Outlook
The addition of these three advisors is poised to catalyze substantial progress in GAINS Associates’ operational strategies. By leveraging the unique skills and experiences of each advisor, GAINS aims to navigate the complexities of the evolving crypto market effectively. The strategic enhancement signifies a commitment to global expertise and fostering growth and innovation in the blockchain space.

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## About GAINS Associates
GAINS Associates embodies the ethos of collaboration in the blockchain community, enabling individuals to invest in promising crypto ventures by staking $GAINS. With a track record of high-return deals and a commitment to democratizing investment opportunities, GAINS Associates is dedicated to providing informative content and facilitating investment opportunities through its platforms, GAINS Private and GainsPad.

## Conclusion
With these strategic additions to their advisory board, GAINS Associates is well-positioned to lead the way in decentralized venture capital. By leveraging the expertise and networks of their advisors, GAINS is poised to set new standards in innovation and investment excellence in the blockchain domain.

## For More Information
To learn more about GAINS Associates, visit the following links:
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– Instagram: [](
– Medium: [](

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