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Wheat farmers facing a difficult 2024

Profit is growing further out of reach for U.S. wheat farmers and many do not expect to break even in 2024 as ample global supply keeps prices around their lowest in nearly four years at the same time costs including equipment and transport remain high.

The current state of the U.S. wheat market will hit winter wheat farmers in the great plains hard. They may lose money despite having what looks to be their best crop for some time after three years of drought sapped yields and forced farmers to abandon wheat.

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Apple making new investments in solar power

Apple announced new progress to expand clean energy around the world and advance momentum toward apple 2030.

The company is making new investments in solar power in the U.S. and Europe to help address the electricity customers use to charge and power their Apple devices.

Apple says it will also replenish 100% of the fresh water used in corporate operations in high-stress locations.

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Survey: Americans check phones 144 times a day

Americans check their phones 144 times a day on average, according to a survey by

Experts say constantly looking at your smartphone can negatively impact the depth of your conversations.

Also, many of the checks are due to notifications, which can raise your stress level and hurt your health because of the switching between tasks.

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Wendy’s serving up happy fry-days in 2024

Wendy’s is giving away free French fries every Friday for the rest of the year.

The free fries come with any purchase and only come with orders online or on the Wendy’s app.

The first day to redeem the offer is tomorrow, April 19.

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Pet portraits could save tainted tattoos

According to a PetSmart survey, 49% of pet parents have or know someone who has experienced tattoo regret. Instead of paying for painful and costly laser removal or finding an expensive artist specializing in reworking existing art, the pet brand believes they’ve found a solution: pet portrait cover-ups.

The brand reported that 58% of the same pet parents who have tattoo regret said they don’t think they’d regret getting a tattoo of their pet.

The PetSmart tattoo redo contest is a promotion to celebrate the launch of PetSmart’s new treats rewards loyalty program, a free membership that allows frequent shoppers to earn and redeem points on purchases.

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