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Announcement of WorkWave’s Strategic Partnerships

WorkWave®, a leading provider of SaaS business lifecycle software solutions, has recently announced strategic partnerships with Wisetack and YouLend. These partnerships will enable WorkWave customers to offer flexible pay-over-time financing options through Wisetack and access additional capital buying power and flexible repayment options through YouLend.

With the integration of Wisetack, WorkWave customers can now provide their end customers with financing options for larger purchases, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the partnership with YouLend will give WorkWave customers the financial support they need to grow and expand their businesses.

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Expansion of Quadient Experience Partner Program

Quadient, a provider of business automation solutions, has announced the expansion of its Quadient Experience Partner Program to include financial automation solutions. This expansion, which was previously focused on CCM solutions, aims to accelerate the growth of Quadient’s cloud solutions for accounts payable and accounts receivable automation.

By including partners of Quadient’s cloud solutions in the program, the company is emphasizing the importance of subscriptions and services to drive customer support and long-term value. Partners will have access to ready-built integrations into Quadient’s accounting and ERP solutions, enabling them to better serve their customers.

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CoinLedger’s Partnership with MetaMask

CoinLedger, a crypto tax-reporting platform, has announced its partnership with MetaMask, a Web3 self-custody wallet provider. This partnership will allow users of MetaMask Portfolio to automatically sync their transaction history with CoinLedger for seamless tax reporting.

By integrating with MetaMask, CoinLedger is expanding its user base and providing a more convenient and efficient tax reporting solution for cryptocurrency users. This partnership aligns with CoinLedger’s commitment to simplifying the tax reporting process for crypto transactions.

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Aptitude Software’s Collaboration with Microsoft for Autonomous Finance

Aptitude Software, a finance automation solutions provider, has expanded its strategy to deliver AI-powered Autonomous Finance in collaboration with Microsoft. This collaboration includes an integration with Dynamics 365, enabling real-time forecasting, advance scenario planning, risk management, anomaly detection, and regulation impact analysis.

The availability of Aptitude Fynapse in the Azure Marketplace and its integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management applications will provide customers with powerful tools to streamline their financial operations and ensure compliance with regulations.

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