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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Developed by Uber to Enhance Food Delivery Experience

Uber Technologies Inc. is currently developing an artificial intelligence chatbot that aims to provide recommendations and streamline the food-ordering process for its Uber Eats customers. This initiative is in line with the race to integrate AI into popular applications.

Recently, hidden code within the Uber Eats app unveiled details about the upcoming AI program. Upon launching the chatbot, users will be greeted with a message indicating that the “AI assistant was designed to help you find relevant restaurant dishes and more.” This information was discovered by developer Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg News.

In an earlier interview with Bloomberg Television, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi mentioned that the company is working on an AI chatbot, although he did not disclose specific details about its capabilities. He did, however, disclose that Uber has already been using AI to match users with drivers and couriers.

Uber Eats currently competes with DoorDash Inc. and Instacart, both of which are also utilizing AI to enhance their food-delivery services. DashAI is DoorDash’s AI system, while Instacart is developing a chatbot based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. The imminent initial public offering of Instacart, the largest online grocery delivery company in the US, further highlights the significance of AI in this industry.

To further enhance the food delivery experience, the Uber chatbot will prompt customers to enter their budget and food preferences. This feature will assist them in placing an order efficiently. Unfortunately, the launch date for this system remains unknown, and a spokesperson for Uber declined to comment.

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