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## Latest News in the Startup and Tech World

In this episode of the Equity podcast, Mary Ann and Alex discuss the latest news in the startup and tech world. They cover a range of topics, including the rise of Teamshares, MoonPayÔÇÖs new venture arm, the resurgence of rental-focused startups, the long-awaited tech IPOs, and the application of lean startup ideology in the AI industry.

## Teamshares: A Unique Approach to Employee Stock Ownership

Teamshares, a company that has raised significant funding, is making waves by acquiring small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, what sets Teamshares apart is its innovative approach to employee stock ownership. The company plans to allow employees of the acquired companies to buy most of their stock gradually. Additionally, Teamshares aims to provide centralized fintech services to all its subsidiary companies. This unique model has garnered attention and is worth keeping an eye on.

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## MoonPay Ventures into Startup Investments

MoonPay, a crypto payment infrastructure firm, is venturing into the world of startup investment. With a focus on the crypto, gaming, and fintech sectors, MoonPay is set to make strategic investments. The marriage of crypto, gaming, and fintech is a compelling combination, and MoonPayÔÇÖs investment decisions will be closely watched as it explores this space.

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## Resurgence of Rental-Focused Startups

The return of rental-focused startups is notable, particularly as the zero interest rate period comes to an end. Building new iBuying and mortgage service startups may have had its moment, but now renting is back in vogue. Startups like Rent Butter and Kiki are capitalizing on this trend and offering innovative rental solutions to meet the increasing demand.

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## Tech IPOs: Making a Comeback

Tech IPOs have been on everyoneÔÇÖs radar, and Alex dives into the data to shed light on the IPO drought. Drawing from a Crunchbase dataset, Alex reveals just how long it has been since the last major tech IPOs. The good news is that there is finally some movement in this space, and tech IPOs are making a comeback, albeit partially.

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## Lean Startup Ideology in the AI Industry

Finally, the hosts discuss the melding of lean startup ideology with the AI industry. The application of lean startup principles, which emphasize experimentation and iterative development, in the field of artificial intelligence is yielding interesting results. Many experiments are taking place, pushing the boundaries of AI and uncovering new possibilities.

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That concludes this weekÔÇÖs episode of Equity. Due to an upcoming American holiday, the podcast will return on Tuesday next week instead of Monday.

Source: Equity podcast (transcript not available)

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