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Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is aiming to hit the $6 million mark in its ongoing presale campaign

Centralized exchanges are joining the meme-themed party, and frankly, the upside potential of this asset class is terrifying this cycle. Meme coins are steadily becoming leveraged plays on their underlying networks and essential parts of the on-chain culture.

All of the top 10 cryptos to buy now are located in the memecoin vertical, and the king has been moving, signaling it is time for the second wave. Dogecoin is up almost 20% on Coinbase news, and Galaxy Fox is poised to hit $6 million. Things are heating up, and the second round of mania is imminent.

Dogecoin is up almost 40% on Coinbase news

Dogecoin is the king of memes and the originator. When it starts moving, it is a signal that a big rally is coming, and with DOGE flying almost 20% on the Coinbase news, investors will have to move fast. The CFTC has approved CoinbaseÔÇÖs Derivatives Exchange application for DOGE futures.

Now, retail investors can trade Dogecoin, but leverage and futures markets always introduce volatility into markets. But most interestingly, this opens up DOGE speculation to more sophisticated investors who prefer using derivative products.

This massive DOGE is great news, and it is only a matter of time before small caps begin posting crazy gains. As a long-term investment, Dogecoin is safe from the SEC because it is a PoW network based on Bitcoin, which has already received the green light. It is an excellent crypto for beginners dipping their toe into meme coin investing, and now the next question is when will the community revive calls for DOGE to $1.

Galaxy Fox poised to hit $6 Million

Galaxy Fox has been enjoying phenomenal success in its presale, and after soaring past $5 million, it is poised to hit $6 million in early April. Two central factors driving this early success are Galaxy FoxÔÇÖs unique architecture and the growing demand for meme coin ownership. Already listed among the top 10 cryptos to buy now, how far this gem will fly in the coming months remains to be seen.

Its hybrid model results from the integration of a play-to-earn game and ecosystem. This Web3 endless runner pays out prizes each season. While providing entertainment and potential cash flow for skilled players, it will act as an excellent user onboarding funnel for the broader ecosystem. The tokenomics model is where GFOX excels, earning it the title of top crypto to invest in this quarter.

The meme coin supercycle

Staking rewards unlock straightforward earnings for all token holders. Combined with its aggressive burn policy, these stakers will be earning yield on a fully deflationary asset with massive upside potential. No wonder its presale is already over 90% sold out.

This third-generation meme coin is currently undervalued by the market. However, when staking payouts materialize, and the burning campaign begins, GFOX will start moving fast. Increasing demand meeting dwindling supply has always been jet fuel for the price.

Coinbase pushing to get DOGE futures is emblematic of the larger trend at play. Even centralized exchanges are awakening to the dominance of meme coins this cycle, and this is a narrative you do not want to miss.

To learn more about this project, visit the (Galaxy Fox) presale website or join the community

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