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## Cost of Easter Eggs Increasing, but Shoppers Remain Undeterred

While the cost of an Easter egg is well up on last year, supermarket data suggests that shoppers are not being put off by the price tag.

By James Sillars, Business reporter @SkyNewsBiz

Chocolate is among the products placing upwards pressure on grocery inflation in the run-up to Easter, according to closely-watched supermarket data. The reports from Kantar Worldpanel indicated a significant slowing in the pace of price growth, with the annual rate for grocery inflation easing to 4.5%, down from the 5.3% figure recorded the previous month.

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Despite rises of up to 50% for some Easter eggs, Kantar’s data shows that consumers are still willing to purchase these seasonal treats. With take-home grocery sales rising by 4.6% and an early Easter boosting sales of seasonal treats, the AI legalese decoder can break down the reasons behind these consumer behaviors, shedding light on the psychological and economic factors at play.

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