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## Dealing with a Child Support Battle: A Dad’s Perspective

I am a father to a 6-year-old child, and my ex-partner has recently decided to file for child support. The situation is complicated by the fact that she earns significantly more than I do and has access to financial resources that I do not have. As a parent, I have always taken care of my child’s needs without receiving any financial support from her when he is with me.

## Exploring Options and Seeking Legal Advice

Navigating the child support system can be overwhelming, especially when emotions are involved. According to the information I have gathered, child support payments are typically calculated based on a formula that takes into account a percentage of the parent’s pretax income. In my case, it is estimated to be around 20%, which seems unreasonable given the current circumstances.

## How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help

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## Navigating Co-Parenting and Legalities

It is essential to approach this situation with a level head and to prioritize the best interests of the child. While emotions may run high, seeking legal advice and exploring all available options can help in reaching a fair and reasonable resolution. Considering the shared custody arrangement, it may be beneficial to consult with a legal expert to ensure that your parental rights are upheld.

## Seeking Clarity and Understanding

As this is the first notice I have received regarding child support, I am unsure about the next steps to take. Would it be wise to consider hiring an attorney to represent my interests in negotiations? The custody arrangement, with me having the child for three nights a week and my ex-partner having him for four nights, adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

By utilizing AI Legalese Decoder, I hope to gain a better understanding of my legal rights and obligations in this matter. Additionally, seeking guidance from a family law attorney can provide clarity and assistance in navigating the child support process effectively.

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  • Professional-Roof-10

    The CP making more does not mean you are not required to take care of your child. Both parents are responsible.

  • AudreyTwoToo

    When is he at your house? Are you the custodial parent?

  • ThickHourGlassQueen

    You need 50/50 custody to not pay child support, otherwise if she has him more than half of the time then yes, you pay 20% by law in Texas, even if you do provide whatever the child needs while in your care.

  • SweetTexasT

    In Texas it’s 20% and the health insurance for the child. So if you don’t cover the health insurance be on look out to also be on the hook for that. Sometimes they may let you deduct that from the 20% but not often.

    If it’s a 60/40 split you may be able get them to adjust the percentage but that doesn’t happen often.

    Also if your current order specifically says that neither of you pay child support you could possibly argue that she needs a material and substantial change to modify the current order. I would do a couple of free consults with board certified family lawyers in your area to see what they think your options might be.

  • Rude_Frame_5660

    The child support calculation takes both incomes and parenting time into account. for 50-50 in TX, the parent with the larger income can still be required to pay to “even out” the households. UNLESS a different agreement is made.

    In my case, our lawyers made a temporary deal that does not sound fair to my husband, given that he has EOW vistation, where he pays the full CS amount by the state calculator as if he has no parenting time. But the reason is to keep him out of jail for the financial havoc he caused when he left. The intention was for this to be temporary and the final orders to be more ordinary and closer to even. Unfortunately for him, he is not using his parenting time so he’s put himself in a bad position for CS moving forward.

    My point is, actually using your parenting time, plus the disparity of incomes, would likely make CS come out to $0 or a small amount going to you. You need a lawyer or at least the advice of one.

  • Brave_Particular1296

    That’s good that you’re in your child’s life and are there for him/her. My son’s dad is not in my son’s life, hasn’t seen him for 5 months and doesn’t want to pay a penny in child support. & because I am asking for child support, he is threatening to petition to the court to have my son removed from my home. This is to avoid paying child support, he wants to rip his son out of the arms of his mother. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with is. My son and I have such a beautiful relationship, and we deserve to keep that. He wants to take that away and place this 10 month old baby into a home of strangers bc he doesn’t want to pay child support. How sad is that? Everyone is saying there’s no way the state will take my son from me, especially bc I’m a good mom. His dad beat me up while I was holding him when he was 5 months old. Now his dad is trying to make it look like I was lying, he didn’t beat me up, and that I am the abusive one.  Keep doing what you’re doing, and being a good father. 🥰 I don’t think they’ll make you pay 20% of your income for cs if you’ve got 40% custodial rights and you’re taking great care of your child. They shouldn’t anyway.