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# Understanding the Situation

Hello. One year ago, my Wallet with 5 NFTs was Drained by a ÔÇ×ProjectÔÇ£ with a drainer link in the description. For those who may not be aware, a drainer is a script or tool that allows someone to connect to your wallet and steal valuable items from it.

# The Incident Details

Going back to the incident, the ÔÇ×ProjectÔÇ£ was prominently displayed on Opensea in the Trending tab as NR. 2. I only came across this Collection because of Opensea and without their platform, I would have never known about it or connected to the website. It is unclear how long the fraudulent collection was on the website, but it was at least active for 30 minutes before Opensea detected it and took it down.

# Evaluation of Loss

The NFTs that were stolen had an estimated valuation of 1k-1.5k$ at the time. Now, I am left wondering if pursuing legal action against the perpetrators would be a viable option. Would I have a solid legal case in court and would it be worth the effort?

# Seeking Legal Advice

I am particularly interested in understanding if I could potentially receive more compensation for the damages incurred. As someone with limited legal knowledge, any form of legal advice or information on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Jamaic230

    OpenSea is an American company, so you would have to sue them there.
    In their terms of service, they explicitly say they don’t make a warranty on third-party content (the script). In the “Assumption of Risk” section they warn you about the risk of smart contracts and put you in a position in that you have to do sufficient research before making any decisions.
    And on the last note, blockchain technology is build with no government regulation in its core, calling for courts do something about it is ridiculous. You are now experiencing the exact reasons why government regulate stuff.