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## Issue with Energy Supplier Switching Process

Moved into a new property approximately 8 weeks ago and initiated the process of switching energy suppliers from Ovo to Octopus. However, Ovo is not allowing the switch to go through smoothly, claiming they will do so when contacted. Desperately seeking to switch out of Ovo due to various issues.

### Challenges Faced with Ovo Switch

The property initially had Ovo as the energy provider. After several weeks of initiating the switch, Ovo eventually agreed to the electricity switch but is reluctant to allow the gas switch. The gas prices provided by Ovo are exorbitant, claiming excessive electricity usage compared to similar properties. Despite no outstanding debt and regular contact with Ovo, the gas switch is still not approved. Octopus confirms that Ovo is indeed the hindrance in completing the switch despite accurate details and no debts.

### Seeking Assistance and Resolution

Considering the high gas bill from Ovo exceeding £250 per month, despite minimal usage, and being away from the property most of the time, it is crucial to escalate the issue for a prompt resolution. Is there a regulatory body or authority to escalate this matter to for a swift resolution?

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