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## Work Situation at Illinois Daycare

I am currently employed at a daycare in Illinois, where I encountered a troubling incident. One afternoon, while supervising the children at the playground, I unintentionally left one child behind after following the necessary protocol to exit the playground. Unfortunately, this mistake led to someone at the daycare center contacting the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and I was subsequently accused of neglect.

## Circumstances Leading to Neglect Accusation

Upon reflection, I must emphasize that the child left behind was not actually enrolled in our daycare program. In fact, this child had not been informed that she would be under my supervision that day. Remarkably, she was not included on any official lists, such as lunch counts or our daycare’s app system. Strangely enough, this child happened to be the director’s niece, and my colleagues and I have overheard discussions where the director was actively seeking the child’s physical and other required paperwork. This peculiar situation raises questions regarding the child’s enrollment status and the transparency of the daycare’s policies.

## Legal Implications and Potential Defense

Considering these circumstances, one crucial aspect that could support my defense in this case is the fact that the child in question was not officially enrolled in our daycare program. It is evident that key administrative procedures were neglected, which could have prevented this unfortunate incident from occurring. Additionally, it is worth noting that I was placed in a teaching position despite not possessing the necessary qualifications, a fact that has been verbally communicated to the daycare management on multiple occasions.

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  • souperman08

    Making predications of a legal outcome is difficult. Is this appeal being reviewed by a judge, or by DCFS? If the child was left in your care and you left them behind in public, I wouldn’t foresee you being acquitted for your liability. Any liability the daycare’s admin are responsible for has likely already been considered.