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Article by Mitchell Goodbar for Dailymail.Com

Date: 22:13 19 Apr 2024, updated 22:18 19 Apr 2024

Family’s Alarming Experience at Airbnb

A family recently fled the Airbnb they were renting in rural Kentucky after making several startling observations about the house. What started as a weekend getaway for Laura Schilling, her mother, and four teenage girls turned into a harrowing ordeal that raised concerns about their safety.

Upon arriving at the Airbnb late on Thursday night, the family was taken aback to find the front door wide open. Laura Schilling, the renter, took it upon herself to ensure the house was safe before allowing her daughter and her daughter’s friends to enter. This sense of unease only escalated when they discovered that someone had been inside the house while they were away.

Despite locking all the windows and doors after the initial incident, the family returned to find the house had been tampered with once again. With windows mysteriously open and screens removed, their sense of security was shattered. The situation took a chilling turn when they noticed a car with tinted windows parked nearby, which swiftly sped off upon being noticed.

The family promptly contacted the authorities, and the Lexington Police Department responded to their call for help. After a deputy arrived at the scene, the family was advised to leave the premises due to safety concerns. The officers provided support and assistance, ensuring the family’s well-being and helping them relocate to a local hotel for the night.

It is reassuring to see law enforcement taking swift action and providing support in such situations. The Lexington Police Department is actively investigating the incident to determine if any criminal activity took place. While there is currently no evidence linking the incident to human trafficking, the authorities are taking the matter seriously.

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