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## Situation: Seeking Unclaimed Navy Pension for Retired Veteran

### Background:
My dad retired from the Navy in 1998 and is currently residing in a skilled nursing home due to health complications such as amputation, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Despite his deteriorating health, he has mentioned an unclaimed navy pension that he was supposed to apply for but never got around to filling out the paperwork for. The potential funds from this pension could greatly help in covering the costs of his ongoing care.

### Current Challenge:
I have reached out to his social worker at the VA for assistance in locating the unclaimed pension, but unfortunately, they have not been responsive in returning my calls. As his Power of Attorney (POA), I am responsible for handling his financial matters, but without the necessary information on where to find the pension, I am at a loss on how to proceed.

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  • Apprehensive_Fun1786

    I am not sure what you are asking here but please call a VSO attached to a VA Regional Office in your state.   Also please call the DFAS hotline.

  • PaPaWeez

    Sounds like he may have retired from the reserves, if so pension isn’t automatic and he would have had to file paperwork upon reaching age of 60. If this is the case contact DFAS as someone else stated. A VA disability pension is different and the VA would have those particulars. By the sounds oft if he didn’t file for the Navy pension I’d venture to guess he didn’t file for VA as that is a harder process. A VSO would be able to assist with that. Locate his DD 214 if he has one.

  • Suicide_Samuel

    VSO at your regional office. VFW, American legion, or DAV can also help. Give them a call and see what they recommend.

  • ExpressionLow8268

    How many years past age 60 is he? Wow, that may be a nice chunk of back pay.

  • sleepinglucid

    You being a POA doesn’t mean much to VBA, you need an 845 on file for us to talk to you.

  • ctguy54


    If you have not received notification four months prior to your 60th birthday, please contact PERS-912 by calling 1-833-330-6622. Call and ask for your dad’s POINT CAPTURE FORM.

    Go to the PERS912 Web page. Download and fill out the two PDF forms:



    SEND BACK TO PERS912. When approved they will forward to DFAS for his pay. THIS MAY TAKE UP TO 9 months.

    THEY WILL ONLY GO BACK 6 years for back pay.

    You must state on the form what the original retirement with pay date ( his 60th birthday date) was in order for DFAS to go back the 6 years.

  • jah1502

    To get it started you need to either use a VSO or start the process on your own using the VA website to guide you. However, I highly suggest a VSO. VA pension is separate from his retirement, he can collect both assuming he meets the eligibility. Google “your county” VSO and call them

  • redhairedrunner

    The case manager at his facility should be able to help you navigate the VA system somewhat. It’s their job to figure out how to make money for the facility. They know who to begin to reach out to, and where to start in your hometown.

  • Original-Chair-9614

    When he retired he was probably attached to a regional DFAS from where you live for future retirement payments. That is the office you need to contact. There is paperwork you need to fill out before his payments start.

    I know when I retired with the national Guard/ reserves they gave me a packet with all the information in it to be filled out 3-6 months prior to my 60 birthday.

    Doing the math in my head by when you said he retired he should have been getting paid 4-5 years ago, whenever he turned 60.

  • Careful-Plantain1443

    We had to do this for my husband’s Grandpa. He was retired Navy (he was receiving his pension) and he was disabled. First the VA will pay for his skilled nursing facility. Especially if this facility is in network. The administration at this facility need to know he’s disabled. They should be able to contact the VA. We also got help from the state ombudsman.

  • ArizonaDiego

    Does the social worker have a copy of the POA? If not, then this may be why she is not calling back.

  • Guita4Vivi2038

    Sorry but, after checking with a local VSO and DFAS, if you don’t find anything that supports what your dad said then it may be that he was disqualified from receiving a retirement after serving 20+ yrs.

    Unless a service member gets in deep shit trouble on their way out, anyone who’s done over 3-4 yrs in a branch of service, gets some kind of benefit. Even if it’s a small one.

    Having nothing after retirement sounds awfully weird.