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## Sending Valuable Bitcoin Ordinals to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Wallet

The creators of the popular Bitcoin Ordinals project called Runestone made a bold move by sending the original ÔÇ£parentÔÇØ inscription to a wallet believed to belong to the mythical Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. This inscription, valued at 8 BTC, worth around $525,000, was a significant gesture in the crypto world.

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## The Burning of the Runestone and its Implications

The RunestoneÔÇöOrdinals inscription 63,026,232, the largest mined to date at around 4MB, was sent to Satoshi’s wallet by Leonidas, a project contributor and pseudonymous NFT historian. While initially appearing as a mistake, Leonidas clarified that burning the inscription was intentional to seal the collection on-chain, ensuring no alterations could be made.

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## Collaboration and Airdrops in the Ordinals Movement

The process of sending the Runestone to Satoshi’s wallet involved collaboration with OrdinalsBot and Marathon Digital Holdings. This strategic move exemplifies the innovative approaches taken within the crypto space to enhance blockchain technology and NFT projects.

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## The Legacy of the Runestone Collection

Following the highly anticipated Runestone airdrop, over 83,000 wallets now hold a Runestone inscription, demonstrating the widespread interest and participation in the Ordinals movement. The collection’s current floor price and trading volume on Magic Eden’s Bitcoin marketplace highlight the value and popularity of these unique digital assets.

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