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## Seeking Guidance on Financing Options for Home Renovations, Including Leveraging VA Home Loan Benefits

Hello everyone,

I am currently seeking guidance regarding financing options for home renovations and potentially leveraging my VA home loan benefits. Here is a bit more about my situation:

A few years ago, I purchased a property for around $470K, which includes a house and 50 acres of land. The house, almost a century old, is full of character but requires updates and additions.

With a household income of approximately $250K annually, I have some financial flexibility. However, I am looking to finance renovations and additions with an estimated cost of $200K. Given the unique nature of the property and the scale of the project, I am uncertain about which financing route would be most advantageous.

Adding to the complexity, my current home financing is through a private sale by my grandmother, without any early payoff penalties. This potentially simplifies the process of refinancing or obtaining a new loan.

As a veteran, I have access to VA home loan benefits. However, I am unclear on whether these benefits can be applied towards renovation loans and how best to utilize them in my specific situation.

I am seeking advice on the feasibility of financing a renovation project of this scale, the different types of loans to consider (particularly renovation loans or mortgage refinancing), and how to best leverage VA home loan benefits for renovations, if possible.

Additionally, I would appreciate any insights or experiences with financing renovations on older properties, especially when transitioning from a private loan arrangement.

Any advice, insights, or resources you could share would be incredibly beneficial to me. I am relatively new to this aspect of homeownership and aim to make the most informed decision possible.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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