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## Financial Situation and Questions

First off, IÔÇÖm 18 years old in the Air National guard, I have a full time job currently making about 32k gross annually, and open to getting a second job. I currently have a HYSA in which I contribute $100 monthly. Expenses and bills combined comes out to about $800 monthly. So, after my HYSA and expenses, I get to pocket about $1,000 monthly.

I have two credit cards, I pay off every month with a limit of $2.5k combined, and I have a credit score of 730 currently.

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## Financial Planning Questions

Now, couple questions:

1. Since I am only in the national guard, I only make about $900 every three months from it. So, should I be contributing more to my TSP? (Currently at 5% Roth, 5% trad). I also have it 100% C fund.

2. I plan on increasing the amount I contribute to my HYSA, but how much should I increase it to?

3. My work provides me with a 401k, I donÔÇÖt think they match it, and I just set it up, so should I contribute to it, how much should I contribute to it, and what do should I put it in?

4. Majority of my expenses is my $400 car loan (6years left), I plan on using my bonus from joining on fully paying it off within 3 years, I donÔÇÖt currently make principle payments because I donÔÇÖt have too much saved at the moment, ~$3k. (IÔÇÖm saving to pay for my car payments while IÔÇÖm gone during basic)

5. I pay my own phone bill, I have health and dental insurance from my job and national guard, I pay all car expenses including insurance, registration, safety, etc.., I donÔÇÖt currently pay rent as I live with my girlfriend, I pay food expenses, and thatÔÇÖs all I can think of, is there anything else I should be planning on adding to my bills anytime soon?

6. I ship to basic in a couple months, itÔÇÖs 6 months long, is it possible to pause my car registration or any other bills while IÔÇÖm gone? And should I?

7. IÔÇÖm planning on using tuition assistance for my degree once I am back from basic and tech school, I have the Montgomery GI bill + kicker ($~800 monthly), can I pocket the GI bill for my expenses if IÔÇÖm doing full time school and part time working?

8. Is there anything else I should be doing?

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