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**Zircuit Launches Build to Earn Program**

On March 28, **Zircuit**, a fully EVM-compatible ZK rollup with parallelized circuits and AI-enabled security, launched its Build to Earn program to incentivize builders, founders, and community members contributing to the Zircuit ecosystem. Backed by Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Maelstrom, Zircuit currently boasts over $700 million staked. Developers and ecosystem contributors who participate in the program stand to receive rewards for approved contributions.

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**Layer N Introduces AI Functions for AI Integration**

In exclusive news on March 28, **Layer N**, labeled as an “Ethereum StateNet,” introduced AI Functions, a tool enabling developers to seamlessly integrate AI inference and use cases within their applications. In partnership with Modulus Labs, a company focused on bringing AI on-chain through ZK technology, Layer N aims to revolutionize the integration of AI in decentralized applications. The potential use cases of this tool range from replacing AMMs with more sophisticated models, yield optimization strategies, gaming and AI crypto agents, to AI arbitration for prediction markets. By incorporating AI in their applications, developers can enhance efficiency and reduce risks associated with consensus collusion.

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**VeChain Launches MaaS Platform for Digital Asset Tokenization**

On March 27, **VeChain** unveiled its no-code digital asset tokenization platform, Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS). This platform caters to both enterprise and individual builders, offering a low/no-code NFT platform for creating, selling, and transferring digital assets effortlessly. Notably, Gresini Racing, a MotoGP championship team, is the first enterprise client to deploy a marketplace on the platform supported by ExPlus. Leveraging a bespoke collection of IP-related content, Gresini Racing plans to offer digital collectibles to its extensive fanbase, showcasing the versatility and potential of the MaaS platform.

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**BloXroute Launches Validator Gateway for Ethereum Optimizations**

In another exclusive announcement on March 28, **BloXroute**, a blockchain distribution network, launched its Validator Gateway on the mainnet. This gateway is designed to optimize Ethereum validators’ performance, significantly boosting their rewards. With over 30K validators locking $4B on the testnet, BloXroute’s Validator Gateway leverages advanced technology to enhance block proposal processes, accelerate block propagation, and provide validators with a strategic advantage in the competitive blockchain landscape. By seamlessly integrating with existing validator setups, the Validator Gateway facilitates network decentralization growth and enhances overall performance.

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