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The European Union Investigation into Tech Giants

The European Union on Monday initiated an investigation into Apple, Alphabet, and Meta, marking the first probe under the new Digital Markets Act tech legislation that aims to regulate big tech companies.

The European Commission stated, ÔÇ£Today, the Commission has opened non-compliance investigations under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) into AlphabetÔÇÖs rules on steering in Google Play and self-preferencing on Google Search, AppleÔÇÖs rules on steering in the App Store and the choice screen for Safari, and MetaÔÇÖs ÔÇÿpay or consent model.ÔÇÖ”

This probe addresses concerns regarding anti-steering rules implemented by Alphabet and Apple. The DMA prohibits tech firms from preventing businesses from informing their users about cheaper alternatives for their products or subscriptions outside of app stores.

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According to Margrethe Vestager, the EUÔÇÖs competition chief, ÔÇ£The way that Apple and Alphabet have implemented the DMA rules on anti-steering appears to contradict the law’s intentions. Apple and Alphabet continue to impose various recurring fees and restrictions on steering.”

In a separate investigation, the European Commission is examining Apple’s compliance with its DMA obligations related to app uninstallation and default service changes on iOS. This inquiry also questions whether Apple is facilitating choices for users to alter default services like web browsers or search engines.

Apple asserts that it adheres to the DMA guidelines and is actively cooperating with the investigations conducted by the European Commission.

The Impact on Tech Giants

The investigation also targets Alphabet, scrutinizing the display of Google search results to determine if self-preferencing occurs in favor of Google-owned services over rival offerings.

To comply with the Digital Markets Act, Alphabet has made significant alterations to its services in Europe, promoting user choice and competition within the ecosystem.

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Meta Investigation and Subscription Models

A separate inquiry focuses on Meta and its pay and consent model, assessing whether the subscription model without ads or the requirement for user consent infringes upon the DMA regulations.

The Commission emphasizes the necessity for Meta to offer free alternative options that are less personalized, aligning with the DMA’s objectives to prevent data accumulation by gatekeepers.

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Potential Penalties and Conclusion of Probes

If found non-compliant with the DMA, companies may face fines of up to 10% of their total worldwide turnover, with penalties escalating to 20% for repeated violations.

The investigation aims to conclude within 12 months, with regulators providing companies with preliminary findings and necessary measures to address concerns.

Furthermore, the commission is examining Amazon’s potential preferential treatment of its own products on its platform and monitoring Apple’s new fee structure for alternative app stores.

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